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At the early break of dawn,
She quickly demolished her breakfast,
And hastily headed out to the location.

It was after quite a long struggle,
The first 'break' she had ever got,
In that hot-shot producer's upcoming project.

A lucky break, she thought,
A break that every artist dreamt of,
A break that would make her everyone's envy.

By morning, traffic was already in full swing,
As she zoomed ahead in her scooty, in full speed,
She frequently applied many breaks, to keep her safe.

A glance at her watch, told, she was already getting late,
Oh!No, she could'nt afford that for her first ever break,
In the heavy traffic, she swirled ahead.

Taking the tricky twists, turns, tackling speed-breaks,
Her only focus was to reach the sets,
Then alas, one break was applied just too late.

As the boy she crashed into, fell down on harsh impact!

Breaking news 'broke' on local channels,
Her face flashed,
Captioned 'Careless driver breaks little boy's legs!'

She felt ashamed, guilty to the core.
Never had she ever dreamt,
Rush for her own 'break', would break someone's legs!

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  1. :-):-):-) well written!

    All the best for BATOM

    1. thanks :-) all the best to u too

  2. oops!!! hustles of hurry burry

    1. yeah!! can be dangerous. thanks for reading.


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  4. Well written :-)


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