When I was young, I remember when my family used to take us out to the movies. After I came back I would immediately take out my diary & pen, and try to write the entire story in my own way, of course adding my own twists, turns and climaxes. Those writing attempts were of course amateurish. But one thing I realized in that process was that - I simply loved writing stories! And since then it has been my life long dream to be a published author. I did get published too - in school magazines or children's corner of news papers, but that was in school and my dreams were big. I loved music too and writing songs were my passion.

My Writing Journey from Pen & Paper - Typewriter - MS Office - to Office365

In the past, I didn't have a computer so all my writings were by using pen & paper. Then I gradually shifted to the ancient type-writers, but its keys were a pain to punch and having to shift its printer with every sentence or change its ink-ribbon frequently was too distracting. Hours and lots of papers would be wasted if I typed something wrong as it didn't have the delete button which would leave me really frustrated. I nearly gave up writing as the process was too tiring. Later however, computers entered into my life and with my first brush with Microsoft Office, my romance with writing got re-kindled and my childhood dream felt nearly within reach again at my fingers tips.

Microsoft Office, especially its MS Word was God-sent for writers. Here, we could type and print our own material too, and not to mention proof-read, correct errors etc. I lost count of the number of documents I created filled with my stories/poems/songs that I drafted to my heart's content and saved in my computer hoping that someday I'll get them all published. I did self-published some of my shorter novellas for Amazon Kindle, but nothing compares to traditional publishing and having your own published book to hold and smell.

Till now I had been storing all my work in the hard disk of my computer, which often has the risk of getting corrupted. Also my computer has limited space so many times I have to delete files to create more space. Hence, news of the launch of Microsoft Office 365 cheered me up no end, as it is a cloud computing concept where all your work can be done and stored online without much worry.
I'm a blogger too, so I'm a person who forever needs and is dependent on the MS office and with cloud, I can now just do all the work more easily without having to copy paste from drafts, as it has direct posting option ( i.e to blogger, wordpress etc ). And what more, it also detects errors automatically which will be greatly helpful. I'm also planning to take my blogs to the next level with self-hosted domain and a very professional touch, where I believe Office 365 will be extremely helpful in its execution. This application is available online for all platforms ( mac , linux etc too ) in any browser. We can also sync both our online and offline work with easy accessibility to the same.
Now isnt that a dream come true for my dream business? What more could I've asked for. It seems to have answered all my writing needs with some really cool features that will help save my precious time and thus produce more quality work.

Other features include, long distance collaborations which helps multiple users ( atleast 5 ) to work on the same document from multiple locations thus helping in brainstorming ideas with the subscriber of course in control of who gets to see which file. It also has a website builder with an easy drag/drop fascility, hence programming knowledge is not required at all to build your own website ( which I'm planning to ).

It has two other cool features like Microsoft Lync and Share Point.

- >Lync is for connecting and sharing. Saving contacts, sharing slides/videos or live conference - all is possible by this service which can be used via mobile too, besides computers ( which means I don't need to carry my laptop around and can finish my work from my phone itself, hence truely mobile ). There is an option to buy this service seperately or bundled.

- >Share point is where Office 365 connects you directly to your social media profiles such as linkedin, twitter, facebook etc and thus make it possible to share articles with a single button.

The whole product has some advanced security steps included as well to keep all our files safe and our privacy protected.

All these does come with a price though, but then all good things do have a price attached to them to experience and enjoy their premium quality and advantages. It also offers a full refund if you're not satisfied - which I doubt is highly unlikely - with such a useful product. There is live customer support which even a regular home user can enjoy.

With this cool product I certainly see my dream business ( although I consider writing more as a creative art ) getting fulfilled soon. With Office 365 my writings will be 100% error free, which won't require me having to depend on some other individual to proof-read, thus lot of time saved. With more time in my hand - I can also expand the publishing business. I will also be able to post my blogs directly as well as share them via social media instantly. That will help me make my work MORE popular instantly. I can also tell my other office going pals about its uses for their office related work such as conference, collaborations, presentations etc besides those already mentioned above.

In a nutshell, this product is useful for anyone who uses MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc in their daily lives and Microsoft has also added some more new tools to make it extremely easy & user friendly. Hence, Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect and complete office for my dream business!

This post is part of 'Your dream business' Contest by Microsoft #Office 365!

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