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Tia rushed down the steps to the underground metro. A look at her watch told her that she was already getting late. She had an early flight to catch, and the last suburb local was the only way for her to get to the city airport. She reached the platform and looked around. It was deserted, not a soul walked on the otherwise busy platform. Another look at her watch told her that it was past midnight now, and perhaps the last local had already left, Tia thought unhappily, as she sat on the lone platform bench. She'd now miss the interview, which meant so much to her. Her whole life depended on this new job, yet now, there was no way to reach the venue.

Just then, a light flashed along the tracks tunnel; a loud train whistle, and sounds of an approaching train engine followed. Tia walked to the edge of the platform and looked hopefully. A train was indeed approaching, she saw, much to her delight. Thank God, she hadn't miss the train after all. Now atleast, she still had a chance to catch the flight.

The train came to a halt slowly where she stood, and the doors opened automatically. Tia stepped in with a sigh of relief. The doors closed instantly and the train started moving. Tia found a place to sit near the window, it was empty anyways, with not a stray soul in sight. Usually there's always a homeless soul or two found sleeping on these trains, but today, there was none.
Tia watched, as the platform slowly vanished from her sight, and sat more comfortably. Another twenty minutes and she'll soon reach her destination ( the city airport ), she thought happily.

She looked at her watch, it still showed the time when she was at the platform, though, the train was travelling for a while now. Strange, she thought. She looked outside, it was dark. The train was not stopping at any of the usual smaller stops as well, she noticed; in fact, she didn't see any of the usual stations pass by even ( which was rather strange, as there were many of those on the way ); and the train had also gathered quite a speed.
Just then, the lights of the compartment flickered. It grew dimmer and dimmer, until it was totally black. Tia started to feel a bit uneasy, but the lights came back instantly, though, a somewhat reddish dim glow now filled the compartment, instead of the usual bright light. "What was happening?" Tia thought uneasily and looked outside the window once again.

It was pitch dark outside, nothing like the usual landscapes that she was used seeing. And she only saw her own reflection on the window-pane. Maybe she had got on a wrong train, Tia thought, getting a bit worried. She looked nervously at her watch again, it still showed the same time. Maybe its stopped working, she thought, as she frantically searched her bag for her mobile-phone to check the time. But weirdly, it also showed the same time as her watch. Tia was alarmed now. Something was not right. Her station should've come by now, yet, the train was simply not stopping anywhere. She got up from her seat and walked to the next compartment. No one was there either.
How to stop the train, she thought nervously. She looked up, there was no chain to pull either. And the strange reddish dim light of the compartment was making her feel spooked as well.

"Please stop the train," she said, hoping someone would hear her. "Please stop the train," she repeated again, louder this time. She heard a faint growlish laughter instead, as a response, that came from somewhere nearby. She looked around to see where it had come from. Soon the whole compartment was filled with the growlish laughter from all the sides, that grew louder and louder, almost deafening.
Where on earth was she, Tia wondered helplessly, getting scared by the minute. "Stop the train," she screamed, "somebody, please stop the train. I made a mistake, I got on a wrong train. Help me someone, please."

The laughter continued devilishly, as it surrounded her. An odd pungent smell filled the compartment, "Its too late, Tia," said a gruffy growlish voice, "Welcome aboard to the Hell-ride," more laughter followed.

"No!" Tia screamed, "Stop the train at once. I'll report this nuisance to the cops." She punched the numbers on her mobile frantically as the laughter continued, making her feel suffocated. "Hello, helloww," she screamed at the #100 helpline number, "Somebody please help me." But there was no answer. She looked at her phone disbelievingly. No signal. And it still showed the same 'time' before she had stepped onto the train!

Tia ran to the next compartment screaming for help, and the next, and the next; hoping to find someone. But there was no one. The whole train glowed dim red, and was empty. The growlish laughter and smell had filled the whole train. It was scary and evil inside the train. She wanted to get out of it. But how? The train was traveling now at break-neck speed, making her impossible to stand still. Exhausted crying for help, Tia sat on a corner seat by the door; scared, shaking. It must have been over an hour now that she was travelling on that train or maybe hours. She closed her weary eyes.

An icy cold hand tapped lightly at her shoulder. Tia opened her eyes instantly with fright. An old's man wrinkled face was just inches away from hers. "Go home!" he said roughly, in a gruffy voice. Tia, sat upright and looked around, taking in her surroundings; she was sitting on the platform bench! She was no more inside the train. It was all a dream, a nightmare! She had fallen asleep. She had missed the train after all.
And boy, was she glad she missed it! But, why did the man's voice sound similar to the voice she had heard inside the train? And he had vanished too! Nevermind, she shook her head and jumped from her seat, and headed home happy to be back in civilization.

This post is part of the A-Z challenge for April'2013. Except Sundays, post everyday with 26 alphabets.
Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

P.S : This is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

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  1. A very gripping tale Nandini! Well done. Good going:)

  2. Anonymous12:39

    Very spooky tale. Terrified me. Good work.

    1. that was the intention :-p thanks and welcome to my blog

  3. the start was enough to make anyone to read up till the last line...nice one... :)

    1. i must thank you for being brave to read till the last line :-))

  4. Not surprised, public transport has that effect on people ;-)

    1. haha that was just the climax comment the post needed...thanks :-))

  5. Now that was a gripping story :) good one Nandini!

    1. @Anil...thanks for reading!


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