Theme for Mar 1, 2013 'WOW' : Use these three words in your post ‘Little Girl, Toy, Scared’

These 3 incidents did happen to me when I was very young, so the theme instantly reminded me of them :-)

A little girl I was. Toys, my best friend.
While the world around me was big,
I was barely two feet tall.
My parents had taken me to the Bihu festival night,
Everyone was having fun, I was tiniest of them all.
The crowd got bigger, as the night grew long,
Loud music played as they danced and partied along.
I started to walk, small baby steps, and no sooner I was lost,
With so many people around me, my parents, I couldnot spot.
I tried to search them, not realising I was going further and further away.
With my toy cluched tight, I was a little girl, scared.
Seeing me, a man nearby picked me up, whats the matter he asked.
"I want to go to mummy," I cried, tears flowing down my cheeks.
Gentleman he was, cos he immediately took me to the dias.
And announced, who had lost a little girl?
On hearing, my parents came running to the stage.
Their plight same as mine, tears and worried,
Hugged and kissed, atlast we were united.

Not long after the Bihu incident,
My mom had taken me along to her office.
While she worked I played around, my toy, my best friend as always.
It was then, I saw the cotton candy man standing near the gate,
The pink sugar fluffy sight got me too distracted.
With my toy clutched in my hand, I began walking to the gate,
To get a candy I so wanted, my hopes had raised.
But, alas as I reached the gate, away the man had already moved.
I started to look around, saw him at a distance,
Began to follow him, narrow twists and turns I took.
Before I knew it, I had walked long and didnt know my way back.
My mother noticed I was missing, started to look for me everywhere,
The candy man had dissappeared, and I was a little girl left holding a toy, scared.
After quite a hunt my mother finally found me, sitting near the road, all lost.
Seeing my mum atlast I felt happy, into her arms I jumped as she held.

My mum one day, went to pick up my sister from school,
Seeing my tendency to get lost, locked me in the room while I slept.
The school was near, my mother thought she'd be back before I woke,
But my eyes opened, just as the main door unaware she closed.
I looked out the shut windows, crying out hoping she'd hear me
But she was already gone, I thought my mother had left me.
With my toy in my hand, I tried to see how I could get out,
The door looked too huge and impossible for me, even to reach the lock.
I got scared and started howling, somebody please hear me,
Tears flowed down, but not a soul came by to rescue me.
Tired, I sat huddled in one corner - little girl, toy, scared.
Then the lock turned and my mum walked in, behind her my cheerful sister,
Seeing my state, my mom at once realised never to leave me alone, ever.

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