Something poked me...
Something rubbed over my head...
There was a light whisper,
As I lay asleep on my Bed.

Something tugged me,
Something disturbed me,
Something wasnt right,
Something wanted my attention alright!

I opened my eyes and looked up,
A little lad who was kneeling stood up.
I was surprised,where did he come from,
As though reading my thoughts he pointed towards the windows,
O'Thats where he had got in from...

In the darkness I saw his transparent body,
I thought to myself I was dreaming,he was nobody.
Again a tug, a shake got me fully awake,
It wasnt a dream,at the boy I did a double take.

He was still there,holding out a rose..urgent as he stood,
He was trying to tell me something,that I didnt quite understood.
Then to my surprise he went to the window and came back,
I was shocked as barely a second for that did he take.

He was floating now,above ground he didnt walk,
He wanted to me to go with him,thats what it was all about.
Hold on a minute,whats happening perplexed I thought,
A feeble whisper then I heard in my head, a telepathic thought.

He was saying to me,Come with me I dont have much time,
I'm alone,I'm scared, I've to leave this world before my time.
I'm dead,I dont have a body...
Its all dark,empty here,I'm lost,I need somebody.

Finally,I slowly got the drift of what was happening,
Though I felt sorry for the boy,I needed to fast do something.
The boy was lost,a wandering spirit...
He'd seen me through my open window and had come in.

I cant go I said sternly,and you have to leave...
I started feeling the chill as I heard my heart heave.
He started to weep,trying to gain my sympathy...
He didnt seem to want to leave, without taking me.

I had to be strong,my mind said fiercely...
Maybe it was still a dream I thought hopefully.
Then suddenly I saw his eyes angry,and I knew this was it.
I had to get rid of him or I could be stuck for life with it.

With a push I got up from my bed,
Dragged the boy by his hand,Out you go I said.
He was surprised as we reached the window...
Never you come back I yelled,once you go.

Reluctantly he got up the ledge and flew out,
Last words,I'll miss you, softly he uttered.
I felt bad,I closed my eyes to stop a tear from comming out,
When I opened my eyes,it was bright morning with birds chirping loud.

Oh..it was a dream after all,seemed all too real...
Dazed still in my bed, I remembered the wandering spirit surreal.
So silly was I to take a dream so seriously...
Relaxed now,the scare gone I wanted to laugh out heartily.

Silly me! I smiled to myself as again I shook my head,
I arranged my pillow,then I saw a rose that lay mysteriously on my bed.
It was the same rose the boy held the night before,
Seeing it now my heart froze,a panic like never before.

2013 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for 'wowing' it...my blog is indeed honoured :-)

  2. Anonymous18:06

    It is always a pleasure to read lyrical story.

    1. Thanks...Its my pleasure writing it :-)

  3. Hi Nandini,

    That was some story and dream. As you put it, truly quite surreal. Everything, right from what the boy spoke to his expressions, was etched in memory.
    However, the end is something which Christopher Nolan would love to watch, he belongs to that genre.

    Good read, loved it. :)


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    1. I'm just trying to stretch my imagination and see I what come up with.Thanks a lot...glad you enjoyed it.

    2. Indeed, it is good to hear that bloggers like you keep stretching their imaginations to newer and higher limits. Looking forward to more thought provoking posts.

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  4. From the first line only...its fabulous...then slowly it went to one of best... :)

    1. Hello and thank you dear :-)


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