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As a child I was very confused about the coconut. I didnt know what to call it...a fruit? ( it certainly didnt look like one ) or a vegetable ( it didnt look it either ). Moreover I used to wonder how it trapped water inside its hard shell while being perched so high above the ground. Obviously my mother would be fed up of these queries of mine. Nonetheless, as time went by it was one fruit (?) which continued to intrigue me.

I was amazed at the number of useful items that can be produced from the coconut. Its as if our lives revolved around it. No Coconut = Incomplete Life!
Right from biscuits, cooking oil, chocolates, ladoos and sweets, hair oil the list goes on. Even it's leaves and barks has so many incredible uses like ropes and roofs. All these leave you simply awed as no other fruit and vegetable has so many uses, do they?

I came to know about its magic on the skin and health when my mother used to force us to drink the coconut water. Nariyal Pani - Yummy! She used to tell us that it is the natural 'cold-drink' that God has made for mankind drinking which will not only keep us healthy and refreshed, but will also keep our skin soft and fresh forever.

As I grew up, I became more and more beauty conscious. My mother belonging to the old school of thought recommended the use of coconut oil and milk on our face and body too. She said it was very healthy for the skin as it penetrates deep inside the pores and was a natural whitener. Once I had some dark marks on my cheek and the scar simply would not go. My mother then made a paste of coconut oil, honey and milk and Voila within a few days all my marks vanished. She highly recommends coconut milk which is a great cleanser with it antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

Infact all her skin remedies has coconut in them, so, I wasn't spared from it either. And what more as she is growing old, its the same coconut milk she relies on to kill the wrinkles like a bazooka weapon to keep her skin smooth, soft and radiant.

However being in modern times, always on the move and specially living so far away from my mother now, I've been looking for an ideal replacement of her traditional beauty secrets ( as I simply do not have the time or patience to make natural pastes or packs like she does ) and my answer lies in 'Parachute Advansed Body Lotion' which has luckily come to my rescue.

The word 'Coconut' is synonymous with the brand 'Parachute' and the company has aquired a very noble position in terms of trust in every Indian's heart.
So I'm really looking forward for the magic to happen to my skin with its advansed formula.

And in this season, a dry skin like mine needs as much moisturizer it can possible get to keep it well nourished. The best part is that Parachute Advansed Body Lotion comes in two 2 variants. Soft Touch for Dry Skin and Deep Nourish for Extra Dry Skin, available in a stylish 400ml pump pack, for just 160INR/-! which makes it a double protective gear.
What more! It is 100% natural so I dont have to worry about anything at all and I just might gift one to my mother as well.

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    1. Hi Maliny,,,Just saw that you have participated in the contest too ...all the best for it as well and many thanks.

  2. Coconut seems to be an all time friend..
    WOnderfully written..

    All the best for the contest


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