I abhore make up!I hate to load my face with heaps and heaps of chemicals.I'm phobic of contracting some kinda skin disease so I'm allergic to even the idea of make up.
In all these years,I've realised that you donot need too much make up ( or rather any make up at all ) to look gorgeous.If you have right attitude and right postures you look glamourous right away!
All my pictures/videos that you see are sans make up ( except Kajal and Lip liner that are a must for me ).

For skin I follow a very simple and basic regime to keep it healthy and it has worked for me so far miraculously.I know people undergo all kinds of beauty treatments,but I generally avoid all that.Instead my beauty treatment ( if you call it that ) consists of some basic routine that I follow.
Firstly I believe drinking lots of water throughout the day is hugely beneficial and our skin rewards us with happiness by feeling supple and glowing whole day.Also never lose sleep if you dont want huge dark circles around your eyes!
Next,I use Ayur Toner to cleanse and tone my face.Alternately I use Clean&Clear facewash everyday.

That done thrice a week I use Everyuth walnut n apricot Scrubber to rub away dead cells.Also I dip my face in pure lemon juice for atleast 1 hour,which is a must for me!
After washing away my face with water thoroughly a little moisturiser and I am done.I dont use suncreen ( though I feel it is very important in the Indian sun ).That is because I still have the ancient habit of carrying my umbrella wherever I go.That is my best defence till date against the scorching sun though people tend to look at me weirdly at times for carrying an umbrella.But what the heck...I carry it anyway,lol!And yeah sometimes I do wear my shades too.

My Kajal and Lip liner are my weapons any day.I double my kajal as eye liner too.And at times I smudge a bit more of it to try and create the smokey look subtely with my kajal pencil.I never use any lipstick,instead I just draw the outline of my lip with my Lip pencil and thats it.
Zip,zap...zoom and I'm done!
Do share your zip,zap...zooms :-)

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