Hinduism never had and donot have any political ambitions.Any hindu organisation like RSS or any other never have any theocratic agenda. They may speak of hindutva but hindutva never means forcing anyone to worship hindu gods or follow hindu rituals etc but rather it is more nationalistic in nature and means that everyone should respect their motherland and be tolerant towards all religions.No religion should be specially 'pampered' or appeased.Everyone is equal.
Everyone should follow a uniform civil code which essentially means that if hindus or Christians etc are bound by law to marry only one at a time,then muslims shouldnot be allowed to have their own special law to marry 4,same is the case with 2 child family planning policy.
Other religions also should respect others and not try to proselytise as Hinduism never tries to convert others. Conversion if any should be self willed by one’s own choice and not by force or under coersion or by bribe!

Islam whereas is not just simply a religion but it is very political in nature too as it has strict instructions according to them by their god Allah himself to implement Sharia or islamic laws everywhere by destroying pagan/idol worshipping.It has many verses in the Quran itself that calls upon muslims to propagate islam unto nonbelievers, and also has the provision of military jihad if necessary for that purpose. ( many jihadists take advantage of such verses as seen in the present events occurring in various parts of the world including India). In the past their prophet Muhammad had himself undertaken such military jihads against infidels of that time and succeeded to a great extent in establishing islam in many parts of the middle east region. Islam also instructs to collect jajiya taxes from nonbelievers in sharia if they donot convert.Anyone leaving islam is declared an apostate and faces punishment by death.
Even in recent past we saw President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well as the now deceased Osama bin laden calling upon the western world to accept ‘Islam’ as a condition for their jihad to stop.
So any muslim party/organisation like AUDF,AAMSU etc ultimately have such political aims. It is the holy duty of every muslim to want and implement sharia in this world.
When their numbers are less they are bound to remain secular but as their number increase they can become agressive to reach their sharia/islamic law goals. In european countries there is presently a tremendous movement to bring sharia as during last couple of years muslim population has grown tremendously in these countries.

Christianity too has Proselytism as its prime agenda and we have seen a violent history as an example in many places like north America where the natives red-Indians got annihilated or converted forcibly.We have another example closer home in Goa by Inquisition where several generations of east Indians were prohibited to re-convert to their native religion and traditions after they had been forcibly converted.
However,Christianity now has to some extent stopped such violent religious persecution and has instead adopted a different approach to proselytize.These days they ( the evangelists ) offer money/food and other goodies to the poor in the hope to do soul harvesting.
Hinduism who never had a proselytize agenda therefore finds themselves at conflict with these two Abrahamic religions whose main goal is to convert others into their fold in their never ending 'head count' chase whether by force or by giving goodies,( and at times even hindu gods get defamed in the process too by over zealous evangelists ).

So,will the tension ever end? Every one wants to maintain their numbers as it is a universal rule that whoever is in majority really calls the shots.
Hindus would want to be left alone as they are as their prime attitude is that ‘all religions lead to God’.However it doesn’t help when the others claim that ‘theirs is the only true religion,and others are false’, hence as a result they target hindus in their proslytising agenda.
This naturally causes a friction…and it is one main reason why hindus have become more and more intolerant as throughout history hindus have been at the receiving side of such ( at times violent ) prostelysing/conversions.
The present day muslims and Christians are none but descendents of those hindu ancestors who had faced such prostelysing in the past.Those foreign tormentors are now gone but the imperialist 'rules' of those abrahamic religions they left with have not changed.Hence tension occurs now not with the invaders but within those with whom they have very close blood/DNA link.

All Hindus,muslims,Christians etc of present day India should realise that they have common hindu ancestors.Hence they shouldnot let religion divide them.It is possible only when each one respects the other.Forces from Saudi or Vatican shouldnot be let to succeed in their imperialist goals and only then India will set an example for the world to see of communal harmony.
Sounds impossible? There has to be a start somewhere…….
Hindus also should end their caste discriminations which unfortunately still occurs in many parts which gives the evangelists extra fodder to exploit in their soul harvesting attempts.Ironically it is only in India that we find a 'dalit muslim' or 'dalit christian' even after conversion,a conversion which was specially done in the first place to get rid of the 'dalit tag' or discrimination.Something to ponder about!

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