Chain of Events - The Videos below will do the talking!!!
1. PROOF : Bangladeshi illegal immigrant is supported by Congress Party for the Vote Bank

2. Riots in Assam.Local bodo's homes are burnt by illegal migrants.Locals forced to take refuge in refugee camps3. Communal Propagandist speeches intented to incite the muslims of Bombay with exaggerated misinformations4. Riots/Violence break out in Bombay/azad maidan burning media and police vans,injuring policemen with weapons.5. Jihadis spotted carrying automatic rifle during Bombay riots in the heart of the city.6. Commissioner Arup Patnaik seen stopping the police ( dcp ) from doing their duty of controlling the riots and threatened to suspend the officer!7. Northeastners in cities like bangalore,pune,hyderabad etc are threatened (alleged rumours) by radical groups and forced to flee!8. Politics being played in the Parliament
Mob turns violent in Lucknow, mediapersons thrashed - Read Here
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New Delhi pressurizes News Channels against showing misdeeds of rioting Muslims - Read Here
Govt goes on an internet blocking spree - Read Here
Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India - Read Here
'Stateless’ remedy to illegal problem - Read Here

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