The above picture may look funny but trust me nothing is funny in reality.It shows the sinister reality of the times we are living in.
Social Media today spares none and it is the only thing perhaps that the govt is so scared of.We already had seen not so long ago govt trying to censor all social media.Govt may have been able to buy out mainstream media,but when it came to social media govt tried all types of threatenings ( including dragging the social media giants to court in order to remove what it calls objectionable content - of course that mostly meant content that spoke against congress or it leaders. ).This dictatorial move made the govt the butt of all jokes.Whether its President Pratibha Patil forced to return the forcibly grabbed army land or exposing the corrupt judiciary in the Abhisekh manu Singhvi's scandalous sex CD case promising judgeship in exchange for sexual favour,social media has played a vital role in spreading the news to the masses which the paid media either succumbed to the court injunction or irresponsibly diverted the issue to something else entirely.Whatever it is social media has taught these rich,powerful politicians that money dont buy you everything at least not the public who are frustrated with this govt involved in all kinds of scams ( 2G, CWG, Coal, ISRO, Participatory-Notes scams worth atleast Rs25Lakh-Crores / $500billion (as per CAG estimates) which were perpetrated under the Congress-led UPA Govt's rule, during the last 8yrs )and dirty scandals ( N.D.Tiwari,Maderna etc ).

In case of Abhisekh manu it is a blatant misuse of law the senior advocate has displayed. In the begining he said unbelievable lies that since his dog bit his driver's wife and gave birth to a deformed child,the angry driver then decided to make a CD and blackmail him.But instead of trying to get it examined by forensic experts if the CD given to news channels were indeed fake,abhisekh instead went to court to get it banned from being broadcasted.If it was indeed fake what was he scared of?Then he said that he and his driver had patched up with the latter admitting that it was fake.But the story didnt end there,instead the CD went viral on social media sites later forcing Abhisekh to quit from key positions though he still claimed that it was fake.Anyhow instead his lies got exposed due to social media.Did the driver really make the CD or was it someone else remains the question! Shamelessly after few months of absense, he is again seen on TV debates. The uploader had even threatened to upload Home minister P.Chidambaram's CD too with uzbeki girls as well.Lets see if it ever comes out. Meanwhile an eye opener article on our Home minister - Read Here !

Now comming to another stark reality knocking at our doorsteps.
Bombay/mumbai is witnessing some really horrifying diabolic cold blooded murders.Stories that we used to watch in movies are happening in real.And interestingly all these gruesome crimes are bollywood centric.Some years back we had Neeraj Grover case who was murdered by a couple duo,his body chopped into pieces and dumped.Though the duo got arrested/punished the case still leaves us horrified as to what extent a criminal mind works.Another case of Meenakshi Thapa a nepali actress trying her luck in bollywood who was murdered in similar fashion recently by her colleagues who wanted money from her.She was to appear in a small role in Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine.But most spine chilling case of them all is the one no less than a hollywood blockbuster flick involving model Simran Sood connected to a series of murder cases with her accomplice V.Palande a convicted criminal.The victims are usually those from whom they wanted to milk out money.Simran would attend high profile parties and trap rich men,and once their use is over then cold blooded murder with her partner whose role in her life kept changing from brother,uncle,boyfriend,husband etc - Read Here
These kinda murders leave us speechless as to what kinda people live in our midst and what our society is turning into.And a special warning message goes out for those who come to the city with dreams of bollywood in their eyes - If you want to come here,come at your own risk.

These kinds of incidents only indicates the sinister reality of our society.
If these gruesome murders werent enough,political related suicides takes the cake.Usually involving young girls involved with powerful politicians.Of the never ending list of such mysterious political related suicides,Two prominent cases are that of Fiza Mohamad ( Anuradha Bali ) and Gitika Sharma making headlines of late.And who can forget the unsolved mystery case of murdered teenager Aarushi Talwar allegedly murdered by her own parents for having relations with the servant hemraj, who was also murdered.!

A REAL SHAME - This is the LIMIT!!!

This is the most shocking,pathetic and sadist news that is grabbing headlines ( July'12 )and wrath of all Indians.The guy recording this clip is apparently a news reporter of NewsLive Channel (NE).The news reporter was busy recording without a thought towards his responsibilities.This video makes you wonder what disgusting times we are living in!
Not only the criminals in the video but the journalist who was recording it should be severely punished as well!
Well,it doesnt end there.It has a mega climax.See the great Indian Media Tamasha below.Sad!

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