When I first saw this picture I wanted to laugh out loud.But actually I felt very sorry.A tragedy happening right before our eyes.Here is our Prime Minister standing up to give his chair to Sonia Gandhi who is currently not holding any ministerial position.Though we are fully aware that she is holding the 'special' remote that makes others ( especially congressi sychophants ) to behave like puppets and dance to her tunes.But this picture is just too much.It is not male chivalry,mind you.The much elderly PM is blatantly being asked to vacate his chair for her Majesty to occupy in full public view.Its really pathetic to see that our PM gets only this much respect.Really sorry state of affairs.Come on!He is the PM isnt he?To see the person holding the highest office being treated so shabbily is really such a shame.The Italian lady has turned the whole congress party into a bunch of spineless nincompoops.
Hello...Hello...Mr.PM are you Singh is King or Singh is Slave?

He seems to be in better control in this picture compared to Obama Though!!!!!Look at Obama's turmoil!
The world is saved now! - Ok..Relax.This pic is just a Spoof BUT not the above one though nor the one below!

Now look at this equally interesting ( if not more ) picture of the President of India showing her eternal gratitude to her saviour.Yes it is her Majesty again.Yeah from a kitchen help in Indira's house to President of India,she has indeed come a long way.So,we understand her bowing to the Italian mem!

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