This is to alert all authors and musicians regarding copyright infringement of your hard work.We had yesterday casually googled my name to see how many results pop out with regards to my work.We were horrified to come across a website 'rapidlibrary' offering one of my Amazon Kindle Ebook title as a free PDF download without my permission.Without delay we sent out a notice via our official company MusikDIV to the webmaster of the website informing him about this gross violation of intellectual property rights.Our email was as follows :

Within few hours the file was removed and this message was displayed on it instead as shown below.

Another Infringement of my work.Website "Wupload/Filesspy" is offering free download of my book without my consent.Image of the website where my book is being given away illegally given below.

Notice has already been sent via our official company MusikDIV to them as shown below.

After sending about 5 similar notice they did removed that particular file.Now the page shows as :

However,it has happened with another site "Downloadthismedia" giving away yet another of my ebook illegally as given below.It hasnt so far not responded or removed my content inspite of several notices sent :

It doesnt stop here though as I've found more and more such illegal sites having my content,always keep a look out for such piracy as I'm doing as it could happen to you too.
Related to that we had also come across a website last year displaying many of my pictures and other information without my permission.We had sent several emails to the site owner,but he was refusing to co-operate.In the end an email ( as shown below ) to the web host solved the problem and we finally got it removed.

Now the website displays this message as given below:

Whew!!So always be alert about your stuff as there are too many jobless loonies out there ready to mess with it!!
  • While on this subject of Copyright Infringement I must point out how people and their attitude changes as their position in society changes.
    One particular music producer built up his entire music empire by making duplicate cassettes out of popular bollywood movies/music and selling them dirt cheap in smaller town and villages.He even lifted popular tunes and made devotional albums out of them in small budgets which he then sold like hot cakes in these towns via an illegal distribution racket.He further went on to build a company and gradually started producing and financing movies.He is no longer alive but his company is now one of the main in bollywood.Now however if anyone uses their music for commercial performances/radio programmes the heir of that empire ( i.e his son ) instantly sends copyright notices claiming damages in crores,which is no doubt the correct step.But to think the base of that company was built entirely by duplicating and selling other people's hard work illegally makes it such an ironic case.
    No prizes for guessing the name of that company ;-)
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