Dream Jobs - Jobs that will always remain a dream!Since childhood my aims kept changing.
In the begining I wanted to be an IAS,then an Air Hostess,then a model,then a pilot and so on.Nonetheless though I didnot become any of these,some of these jobs are something I still admire a lot and wish I could do them atleast once in my lifetime.

1.Pilot - Piloting tops my wish list.I feel it is an incredible job to take such a huge aircraft off into the skies with hundreds of people aboard.All their lives being dependent on that one pilot.Moreover to navigate through the clouds is really incredible.I know they have a compass with them for directions,but it really boggles my mind how they can make out where exactly they are,when they see only clouds all around.And the take off and landing being the most nervy thing.I get scared most when a plane either takes off or lands,so I really admire the guys who actually operates the big craft.It is indeed one helluva job.Hats off!

2. Train & Truck drivers - Believe it or not I hold them in the highest regards.I have made countless long distance journeys on a train.The train driver drives through the night carring all the thousands of passengers who have literally placed their trust and lives on them.Like pilots,it is a job that requires lot of alertness.Its not an easy task to drive through the dark on the country side.Even the local or metro train drivers does a tremendous job of carrying so many passengers daily to and fro.
Though low-paid,the Truck drivers are someone to be really admired.They are an important lifeline who carries all the important daily necessity commodities right upto your local baniya.When there is a bandh and all truck movements gets paralysed it hits us hard and also the economy.We then realise what a tremendous service they do.I wanted to drive the huge truck atleast once in my life :-)

3. Detective - I was a big Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys fan as a teenager.So naturally I wanted to be a Sleuth in disguise.Solve crimes and mysteries,help people,win medals,it was one helluva dream job that I had.Watching a Karamchand jasoos or a CID would make my aldreline juices jump.But alas it is too late for me to be a Nancy Drew,however if I sense something suspicious or not-quite-right I make it a point to go right to the bottom of it and try solve the matter.

4. Army - Yeah,at one point I wanted to join the army and serve the nation.Give up my live for the country as well.But the army also teaches us to be ruthless and wipe off your enemies.Thats when I chickened out of this dream.I can kill a mosquito but even the thought of killing another human ( even an enemy ) makes me sweat.However,a big salute to the big guys who does this great ( sometimes nasty ) job in the interest of our country and protect us from enemies.Though I wish there was lesser charges of human rights abuse against the army.Some rotten apples does give the army a bad name.

5. Model/Actress - Well well..at one time I fancied both as well.However,I soon realised that these are voyeur jobs,i.e for the audience to stare at you non-stop.I dont feel comfortable at the idea of being stared at and treasure my privacy a lot.Job of a model or actress is not easy though.It takes guts to wear skimpy stuff and parade your half naked body in the ramp to a whistling crowd.Even for an actor,to emote an emotional scene or make an audience laugh & cry is a tremendous job.Not everyone can do it convincingly and earn applauds.A model has to go naked to the camera,whereas an actor has to go naked with their emotions. ( Here the term 'naked' being give-themselves-to-totally and not necessarily stripping ).So,I admire these gutsy guys a lot.

6. Chef - Making delicious food and making everyone lick their fingers,I really admire these culinary geniuses.I really sincerely wish I could whip up a dish as good as they make daily,atleast once!I am a big time foodie so I instantly become a big fan of anyone who cooks and gives me yummy delicious stuff.This is one job I'd rather the other do it while I sit and enjoy their food.

7. Scientist & Astronaut - To discover or invent something beneficial for all that a scientist does or hopping off in a rocket to the outer space and orbit the world as an astronaut does will remain a childhood fantasy.Un-achievable but highly admired.

8. Politician - Oh!This is one enviable job.It is the ultimate power to rule others,the power to manipulate and do whatever you want.The politicians drive the nation so if you are a good politician you can make your country shine. Unfortunately most politicians exploits the system and end up being very corrupt. Most of them are in it just for the money and not the nation.I'd love to join politics someday and contribute my bit to the country.Compared to the other dream jobs this one looks a bit achievable,so look out for me in some political garb.
Politicians are stared at too ( being stared at is something I hate ),but they have the power.And who doesnt love power?So,I wont mind much if I get stared at once I hold power ( some dream eh? ).I had almost joined the BJP but they've proved to be very fickle minded and joining congress means boot-licking the Gandhis forever which I have absolutely no interest in.

So till I make up my mind I'll remain neutral and enjoy my music or writing that I am currently doing :-)

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