Its finally at our doorsteps! 2012 just few hours away.Knocking on our doors heavily!Pounding in fact!
You cant escape it!!!
Now,I've been waiting for the year 2012 since the last 4 years quite eagerly ever since I first heard rumours about a certain planet Nibiru heading straight at us.This was followed by the mysterious Mayan calender which ever so mysteriously ends on this particular date 21st Dec2012.

More gossips followed everywhere online about polar shifting how the world will come to a standstill on that day and stop moving for 3 days,add to it solar flames that the sun keeps throwing at us angrily whose magnitude will increase in the year 2012 and not to mention having a chemical locha in the earth's magnetic belt.
Just as it got more and more interesting with lots of conspiracy theories - Read Here all thrown in together,the journey to 2012 indeed seemed the most exciting of them all.Even greater than the Y2K panic that we had over a decade ago.And finally its here!!

Finally we all are gonna witness a doomsday LIVE ( hopefully )!!!
So,lets welcome 2012 in a way like never before,kyunki kya pata 2013 ho na ho :p
UPDATE: And so nothing happened. It was a hoax! buhahaha :X

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