Different ways to eat the Famous Pav!Pav is a unique Bombay speciality.If you are in this city you can hardly miss a restaurant or a food stall selling the 'pav'.What makes it interesting is the various ways it can be eaten.
So,go ahead and pick any of these mouth watering styles that I have selected from my vigorious 'Pav' experience in Bombay!Trust me all of them are unique and yummy.

1. The famous 'pav bhaji' style.
2. The equally famous 'vada pav' style with hot&sweet combo chutney and fried salted green chillies.
3. The 'vada pav' with coconut chutney and red garlic masala combo style.
4. The 'samosa pav' style with coconut chutney + red garlic masala.
5. The 'misal pav' style with farsan n onion mix on top.
6. The Spicy 'omlette pav' style.
7. The 'butter jam pav' style.
8. The 'chole filled vada pav' style.
9. The 'dalpakwan pav' style
10. The 'spicy dabeli pav' style.
11. The chinese cabbage+onion fried in schezwan sauce style pav.
12. The 'tomato-bhurji pav' style.
13. The 'egg-bhurji pav' style.
14. The 'boiled potato+cheese pepper pav' style.
15. The 'veg-cutlet pav' style.
16. The vegetable filling pav style.
17. The 'chicken liver pav' style.
18. The non-veg 'keema pav' style.

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