Everybody who knows me knows my Obssessive Obssesion for the Sitaphal fruit,The Lust Apple!

Hence I thought why not try and have some memorable fun with my favourite passion fruit! Enjoy the Exclusive images below :-)

1.Time to Badhawo your General Knowledge : What do you think when you see a Jackfruit?The green ribbed skin,the many black seeds inside it covered by sticky,wet fleshy juicy skin that we have to eat n relish!Does it remind you of something else too?Think! Think...Yea the same features though bit smaller in size albeit a different taste but taking pleasure off it is just the same?Uummm Yeah!You guessed it right!Its the Sitafal.My unique research tells me that most definately both jackfruit and sitafal are distant cousins who got lost in Kumbh mela.I'm so delighted to unite the two again.Say hello to big brother Jackfruit.Jaise tiger ki mausi billi hoti hai,waise jackfruit ki mausi sitafal hai !

2.Doctor's Gyaan : Doctors say watch greenery,green trees and plants for good eyesight and relaxed mind.But I say hold a sitafal in your hand and watch its greenery,the sexy green ribbed skin.U'll be recharged for life!

3.OMG Fact : 90% of a Sitafal is just seeds and thick skin.Only 10% is the yummy creamy white juice.So relish it as though it is the most precious fruit on earth.Savour these rare juices!

4.Self Defence Gyaan : Scare away your enemy with a sitaphal.Yes!No need to carry a pocket knife or pepper spray with you anymore for self defence.Always carry a sitaphal instead in your purse,wallet,pocket or anywhere.When you see your enemy approaching just take the sitaphal in your hand,raise it high and threaten to throw it at them by saying that its a hand grenade.Your enemies gonna panic and simply vanish!Sitaphal apnawo suraksha pawo!Sitaphal is your ultimate saviour.

5.Astrological Gyaan (Future Predictions) : An apple has 4-5 seeds,a mango has only 1 seed, a banana has no seed at all,whereas a sitaphal has hundreds of seeds which would make it the only fruit in this world perhaps that gonna survive and exist even after the whole world ends!

Hail The Lust Apple - I Bow before Thee !!!Read >> The Lust Apple

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