Are marraiges really made in heaven?There used to be an old saying that 'A marraige is made in heaven.'How true is it?Or is it a Myth?
In early times perhaps that couldve have been true,because in early times couples did stick together through thick and thin,under all circumstances.However,it is also true that in early times a man had more than one wife.Even now in certain communities polygamy is allowed.So,we cannot for certain say that there has ever been an ideal marraige throughout history ( though there could be some exceptions ).

Even in our main Hindu epic Ramayan,Lord Rama had serious marraige trouble with his wife towards the end which led to their seperation,in Christianity doubts and controversies still looms large over Jesus's personal life.In Islam religion,its prophet is said to have had 13 wives and multiple concubines.In Buddhism,Sidhartha had left his family for spiritual enlightenment before he became Buddha.
So,when these great religious figures have had rather disturbed married lives,how can common men be left behind?How can common men be expected to be perfect when their super heroes/ideals/religious icons have failed?Hence,we can safely discard the notion that marraiges are made in heaven.No,they are certainly not!!
Moreover in the early times women didnot work outside their houses,so they were financially dependent entirely on their husbands,and hence stuck through even a bad marraige throughout their entire lives.That not being the case now anymore with more and more women getting empowered.Education has also made women become more aware of her rights.With education,financial stability & independence by their side,now a woman can refuse to remain a doormat and dare to walk out of a bad marraige.She can even claim damages which was unthinkable of in the past.

While in the west divorces have been pretty common,in India till recently it was considered a 'social stigma'.These days however marraige statistics are divorced from reality with the newer generation no longer considering marraige as sacred.Divorce is no longer a dirty word.The mindset is fast changing with more and more marraiges ending up in the courts and is being more 'socially' accepted.
More and more couples often even use marraiges as an act of convenience.For some celebrities its a quick business to earn fast cash by turning the whole occasion into a reality show.Of course such marraiges doesnt even last a month.However,celebrity lives are vastly different,compared to real life normal A Rakhi Sawant's extravagant public swayamvar or a Kim Kardashian's expensive marraige which didnt last even for 72 days.But celebrities can not be compared to everyday ordinary people.
However,now even the ordinary people are having divorces leaps and bounds.While defining modern love,divorce is its most often quoted statistic.So,it is an obvious myth now that marraiges are made in heaven.They are definately made on earth and broken on this earth itself.

The few lucky ones sail through and perhaps a few still fake it because of society/peer pressure ( such cases are rare though nowadays ).A broken marraige does hurt.It hurts real bad! When you are seperating from a person with whom you've been mentally and physical involved with for such a long time,there is bound to be pain in it.And it could be even more devastating if there are children involved.Nobody in their right minds would want their marraige to end or their family to break up.
Yet,it has been happening everywhere.Infact,more rapidly over the last few decades.With every passing day cases of divorces and seperations are increasing and growing world wide.While it is a very disturbing trend,it is also unavoidable or unpreventable ( with exceptionally a few rare cases of 're-unions' of course ).

According to a recent Times Magazine report,it says :'Marraige,whatever its social,spiritual or symbolic appeal,is in purely practical terms just not as necessary as used to be.And of all the transformation our family structures have undergone in the past 50years,perhaps the most profound is the marraige differential.
Two other media recent reports reflects a new trend of 'divorce' altogether thanks to advanced technology!

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  • Twitter leads to divorce - Read here

    Divorce/Seperations happen on many grounds.Sometimes the reasons are very serious and sometimes they are completely frivolous.
    Forgotten Vows - The Monster Marraiges Series by Nandini Deka ( a special Ebook series ) includes many such cases carefully selected and studied in great length to give the readers an insight and analysis of these broken relations.Why do they forget the 'sacred-vows' that they had made? ( Until death do us part ?)Marraige has a new adage now : 'I do,but briefly'.What had really happened?What went wrong?And most importantly Why?
    All the cases ( of such failed human relationships ) in the series includes authentic real-life stories of real people that ND have come across in her life ( through her various interactions with many such people who has experienced such failed & broken marraiges in their lives ).

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    The main purpose of the series is to gather information in one place,study these failed human relationships and analyse the reasons for it.With also an added mild hope that it can help people to make their marraiges strong and everlasting.And finally prove that marraiges are indeed made in heaven!

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