My first recording is always the most memorable to me,simply because not just was I recording my own written or composed song,I was also singing it!I'm usually more of a creative person,hence I'm more interested in the creative & production side of things ( e.g:composing or writing tunes,lyrics etc),so when I was performing it as well on the was bound to be quite an event!
I recorded my first song professionally few years back.I was quite a noob then.I had written and composed all my songs/tunes,but the actual recording,mixing,
mastering are an entirely different process.There are skilled sound engineers who could refine my compositions and convert them into magic.

I met them ( my sound engineers and the arranger )at Insync Studios where it all began.I was nervous at first but very excited as well!When I sang into the microphone in the sound proof recording studio,it sounded like someone else's voice ( recorded voices has that affect )!Recording is done quite quickly because most of the lines are recorded just once and then placed anywhere that they have to be repeated in the song.
So,within less than an hour ( few minutes infact )I had finished recording.

The actual process of mixing and mastering the tracks are quite lengthy and takes time.Every minute details has to be looked into.Theres no room for mistakes.The sounds has to 'sound' perfect.After mixing,these tracks are then taken to be tested and played in various media formats like inside a car, played on a radio,or tape,even at a disco,and also on our regular computers to check that they ( the songs ) sound exactly the same in all these various media.
After this first recording I recorded many other songs ( with other artists as well ),but the first recording will always remain a precious memory.

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