Yes!Finally I too have become a victim of Emotional Atyachar.My heart is all shocked and broken!I'm going through an emotionally volatile times.Things that usually happens to others has finally happened to me! *Sigh*
Who has cheated on me?Who is the one that has broken my heart?
No!Its not a man.Duh!

Its Facebook!!!!!
Facebook has gone nuts on me and is doing an emotional atyachaar on me.It has disabled my main profile ( how mean and rude of them,specially when I've been a good obediant kid allthrough ).Yes!!!!So atlast I am a proud owner of a diabled facebook account!It sucks!
All my life ( especially the last few years actually ) I have criticised and cursed Facebook for having killed Orkut.But now,it seems that facebook has decided to kill my account as a revenge.
Why?All because there was some wrong technical info that I had entered at the time of my joining?Oooh! Why does it want all our private information anyways?
Aaaarghh!And is that such a huge crime and moreover why did it take more than 2 years to spot it,especially after I have built such an incredible network presence.
Recenty I saw some facebook people spy on this blog of mine couple of times as well and then they decided to axe my profile altogether!Does it makes sense?
Hell No!!!It certainly doesnot make any sense to me.I'm numb at their insensitiveness.
Whoaah!Say again...Whoaah!

It all happened on the fateful friday night the 11thNov.One moment I was replying to someone's message and the next moment it was gone!My profile just simply vanished along with all the valuable stuff that I put on it,as well as my contacts 5k,fans 1k+,my pics.In short everything,as though I never existed!Now is this the way to treat a loyal user who adds value to it with regular original content?
Facebook however says that the disable is temporary.But I ask how long is temporary?And how will I deal with my broken heart till then?
Its Monday already!!!It is the most important profile of mine because it has all my Official stuff on it.I dont want to build another one from scratch again especially since I am so attached to it.

Facebook stop playing with my emotions and return my profile to me at once!
And guys those of you who are worried where I have vanished all of a sudden,then good news is that I am alive,fine and very much here,though I'm a bit shaken at facebook's callousness.Its funny that they disable genuine active accounts.I wont give up though.
Hope the technical snag is rectified at the earliest.
Dear facebook people I am aware that you peek on my blog every now and then.You can see for yourself how emotionally disturbed I have become so 'quit playing games with me' and 'gimme my profile back'.
Growl! BIG GROWL !!!
Ok ok! Relax now ND! Everything gonna be fine... Breathe in deep 1...2...3...

UPDATE : Ah!!! Okayyy!!Atlast after 3 agonising days ( On Monday )they did re-activate my profile again and gave my life back to me!*Gee Thanks* (lol)

As a Pre-Christmas shocker Facebook wiped off all the contents from my Official FanPage on 24thDec for good many hours.Then on the next day ie.25th it restored everything back - So maybe it was their way of saying "Merry Christmas"!!!

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