This is a True Life Incident : Do Give Your Views On It !

When my great grandmother was 80+yrs old she died.. She was ill, and was bedridden for many months. She could not even move on the bed, a next to-paralytic condition.
Doctor declared her dead, with no breathing, no pulse. On hearing the news, people from the neighbourhood and relatives came to offer their condolences and everyone was sad & mourning.

After about an hour or so, the 'arthi' where the dead is carried, was prepared and brought to take her for the last burial rites. Then all of a sudden, my dead great grandmother woke up, and sat upright on the bed glowing like never before. She could not even move on her bed before she 'died', but now, she not only got up, she even sat up, and there was no sign of illness too for someone already declared dead for almost an hour by the doctor.

She asked why there was so many people in the room, what the commotion was..what happened. Why everyone was looking at her with shocked expression on their faces. She kept asking questions but all were dumbstruck and could only stare at her in amazement. What happened do you think?

Then someone from the family told her that she was dead for almost an hour. And all were astonished on seeing her alive again.
My great grandma then narrated her "dream" or "experience" she had during that time. She was taken to some place accompanied by a very tall person/entity. They first travelled through a very long tunnel for several minutes, and at the end of it was a huge white milky river which they had to cross.

At the other on side of the river someone stood who seemed annoyed at her companion. That entity told the companion that it/he brought the wrong person and to return her back immediately. Then again they ( the companion and my great grandmother ) took the long journey back through the tunnel..and when she opened her eyes, she saw the crowd gathered in the room.

At first, she thought it was a dream, but after realising what happened it didn't seem a dream any more. The very next day another person in the neighbourhood died. Was he the person whom the entity had actually come to take, but instead took my great grandma by mistake?
And the illness was simply gone. A paralytic person who could barely move on the bed could now sit, stand walk and she never fell ill anymore and lived quite healthily till about 102+yrs when she died again. Amazing!

This Phenomenon is also called an Out Of Body Experience (OBE) or Near Death Experience, and many people around the world has also reported having experienced the same. Many doctors and psychiatrists have confirmed similar cases too. It could be a step closer to the unknown and unexplored !

More On OBE : Unless you have had an out-of-body experience, you cannot imagine what it really feels like, say people who have journeyed through one. Others dismiss it as a figment of imagination. Yet, this curious phenomenon has been recognised for centuries and has fascinated believers and sceptics alike. Scientists have found it hard to study these events.
So, what are the out-of-body experiences that around 1 in 10 people claim to have had? They are usually described as the sensation that you are floating above your body, your mind somehow disconnected from your physical self. They can be triggered by trauma or impending death, alcohol or drugs. They can be intensely spiritual and produce a whole host of profound emotions from fear to serenity.

Theologians, philosophers and psychologists continue to debate out-of-body experiences. What is actually going on in the brain is still unclear.

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