For some unknown hidden reasons all living beings, as well as non-living are present in this world. Of them all, we ie,human beings, are considered to be the most evolved and intelligent and thus, is supreme amongst all. But who are more evil than us in this world? Its humans themselves i.e,ourselves!

Everyone understands the Law of Nature that says,'He, who is fittest, survives.' Thus, we see, in order to survive, animals kill the inferior ones, who in turn feed upon yet more weaker ones and the process goes on.'
'Someone up there, for his/its own amusement, has been directing this drama, the audience being Himself. We, the human being have named him God'

Since we have been blessed with intelligence and our physical structure is such that we can work to live, this has made us the rulers of this planet. What originally were hunting weapons used by primitive men for food and survival have now evolved and become more sophisticated and more dangerous. Ironically, the victims are none but, ourselves.

Our intelligence has taught us the basics of growing crops for food, and using the brain also for study and research, resulting further in massive inventions and developments to make our lives on this earth easier and comfortable. But it is also this intelligence, that has created the nuclear bomb to end us all. Can we really make any sense of it all?
We have in recent past, seen wide cases of religious and ethnic clashes. We condemn, when these happen in other countries, and turn red in embarrassment when these occur in our own neighbourhood, in our nation, which is supposed to be secular and democratic.
The north-east has seen a brutal blood-bath thanks to the various tribal and ethnic groups who have these independent underground outfits indulging in all sorts of activities including insurgency. While it is true we have to protect our own identity, we also have to face the fact first that we have to protect our own species too, ie human beings.

There are already deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer etc. Also innumerable natural disasters lurking around, that the last thing we need or want is a threat from a fellow human being. A lion don't kill a lion. A Fish don't kill another fish of its own species. But of all the species, we find that human beings are the only species that kill members of their own species often in violent, humiliating manner.
Other species kill for food, but humans kill their own species for selfish motives. Isn't that a shame on ourselves?
I hope that the educated class will come forward,regardless of what religion or caste they belong to.

We all need to realise that religion really has divided people. True religion is 'Love' for all. So let us stop being a hindu, a muslim, a jew, a sikh, a christian, a buddhist,a jain etc ( the long list of religions goes on ). Its really ridiculous. We are just fooling ourselves.
I was dissappointed by a person whom I had met recently and had a conversation with on a train journey. He was claiming proudly that Assam had Oil, Tea, Timber, all the major export products and were the major earners in the country's economy. He condemned those who had exploited these resources for their own benefit calling them 'outsiders'. He spoke the hard-liner's language
, applauding and supporting the Liberation Movement. He gave example of Fidel Castro of Cuba, and invited me to join the separatist movement, saying young people like me ,should join in to liberate Assam from outsiders.

'But,hey! man,'I pointed out, these resources were infact discovered by outsiders, and not by the ignorant people of this region. In fact, the lazy indigenous people shunned and refused to work, which made the British import migrant labourers from other neighbouring states, I told him.
Just because we feel that we are cheated, does not mean we should take up arms ( sponsored by a scheming enemy neighbour country to destabilise India ). We have to raise our voices of grievances if injustice has been done to us, in a legal manner and certainly not by going against the State, with violence as the only answer. Violence kills innocents unnecessarily!
While it may take time, if we take the lawful route to protest for justice, ultimately if are right we will definitely get the justice.
But by violence, we have put an axe on our own future. What do you expect when you fight against the State? The State imposes draconian laws to protect its sovereignty. These draconian laws make our lives a living hell. Who wins and who loses this power struggle? Who suffers the most?
If we take help from enemy country to fight the State, then we rightfully deserve those draconian laws. Wiser would be us, if we raise our concerns without violence, and make our voice heard properly.

In religions matters too, we are aware that there are several of them. Each claiming themselves to be 'truer' and better than the others. Some even claiming that it came directly from God. This has been a much debated issue.
While its true, thousands of years ago, these were created, as nobody knew for sure where we came from. Our ancestors named the unknown power as God, in different names in different corners of this world. Innumerable scriptures and books were written which the generations has been following blindly till date.
But thanks to the modern discoveries by scientists, who were scorned at first, we are in a position now to really understand that Yes! There is an invisible 'force' as a result of which we exist, and we are as important as a tiny micro-organism or a plant itself or a bright star millions of light years away from us.

All of us, infact every spectre of dust has its own value, function and importance in keeping the universe running. While we may argue about re-birth or re-incarnation, we are also aware that we live only one life, one identity at present. We will never be born with this same identity ever again. So, we have to make it as good as possible and not harm another individual who also has the same right as us to exist in this planet alongside us.
As we have understood the the differences in languages, and have agreed upon one universal language, which we all understand and not necessarily fight against it. Its high time to leave aside the things that divide us as well. We should follow the universal religion of 'Love',and discard the caste system, rather follow only species systems consisting of God's lovely creations i.e us humans, animals, plants, insects.

While it is more easy to preach than to practice it in real life, we must also realise that it is in mankind's own best interests that we turn sane. Let us as educated parents and teachers, give our next generation a safe world, so that by the time they reach college they don't have to specify what religion or caste they belong to, in their respective admission forms.

It is a hard task, maybe, even harder than getting a gun licence and killing a person, but, if we try then it is possible. Let us really end this majority ( hence, assumed as superiority ) and minority divisions, and co-exist peacefully as fellow humans. It is possible if these so-called majority stop bullying and exploiting, and also the minorities stop projecting themselves always as victims, an excuse they make for taking up arms to fight oppression.
Lastly,an appeal to all those armed militants to really give up arms, stop the blood-shed because it is simply the wrong path as you are yourselves aware. If there is genuine feeling of bringing development to the region, then stop the various group identifications and other ethnic divisions amongst yourselves. Reach a level of truce so that real development can take place. There can be no development with violence.

Reach out to the people. If they want you to rule, they will give you the mandate, and support you. But stop this foolish drama of getting independence from so and so 'outsiders'. We cannot get independence from fellow human beings. If we do, where do we go? We need the other human beings around us in order to live in this world.
Let us fight instead against diseases, drugs, alchohols etc all vices. Plant trees, love all and create a healthy and safe environment! Amen.

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