Attented An Informal IndieMeet a Social Media Tweetup Event for Musicians & Bands organised by ArtistAloud on 18th May at WTF!
The topic of discussion being how to utilise the various social media platforms to promote and market your music via the internet with the experts being Miss.Malini,Mihir Joshi & Mr.Carlton. They Spoke of Artists who have taken advantage of Social Media to Promote their music citing few examples,also provided various important and helpful Tips !

THE INVITATION - I, generally, ignore all the event invites that I keep getting at facebook. At first, I had ignored this event invite too which said 'Tweet up for musicians, artists , band managers and for everyone'. I had thought, maybe, some random music enthusiasts came up with the idea for a meet-up just to do time-pass.
Anyways, few days went by. I was just checking around my facebook homepage when I came across the event link once again. I clicked on it, this time to see what exactly it was all about. I read that it was an upcoming Event organised by ArtistAloud which is part of! Now..power of brand name did work. When I came to know who exactly was organising it, my interest level grew. As it was a serious event and not some random invitation by some random music buffs, I was pepped up about meeting fellow musicians.
And it was on the day of the event itself, I RSVP'd yes which I normally never have done so far for any such kinda online events. As the hours approached for the meet ~ still bit unsure, bit hesitant, bit reluctant, bit nervous, bit curious, bit excited... I got ready to go to meet the strangers from the internet world, none of whom I had previously met or knew in real life.

Only 2 things kept me going which is
1: It was for Musicians ( which I am also one )
2: It was organised by ArtistAloud.

THE LOCATION - WTF - What the f# was it really? The venue was new for me too, and at the other end of town! Well... I thought WTF meant some kinda Music Auditorium esp since it was located exactly opposite to a school. But.. oh alas, to my utter surprise while entering it, the guys on the entrance informed me that it was a pub/bar! Hmm..Tweetup at a bar...just opposite a school!! I muttered to myself anxiously! What the hell music or online marketing strategies are we gonna discuss if everyone would be drunk at the Bar?!

THE MEET - Well...I entered...anyhow! I was greeted by Ritika Darira near the entrance with her fingers very busy tweeting on her laptop, as Saumini Paul from artistaloud stood near her. Did I know them from before? Saumini, I had interacted sometime back via email regarding Music. After introductions, they asked me to sit and make myself comfortable as other tweeps started pouring in!
Within some time, the little room was crowded and ..and it was time to start what we all had gathered there for. Thankfully, no one was drunk yet!
As soon as everyone arrived, they'd start tweeting which would instantly show up live on a huge screen! For a while it was quite funny....everyone, inspite of being in the same room was using twitter to communicate =)) ( I didn't know about hashtags or trending topics, that others were obviously doing then :| )

Miss.Malini, the RJ/blogger, then started speaking about how to use up all the social media platforms ( we can get our hands on ), to put up all our work and gave her own example.
Mihir Joshi, also an RJ/Singer, pretty much said what Miss.Malini had said. Then it was turn of Mr.Carlton referred to as the God who showed us a slide show type presentation, which focussed on artists who had used the social media platform for their promotional activity giving some pretty interesting examples!

THE BOOZE - Finally, the session was over and the meet winded up with everyone rushing to the bar to get their share of the promised Free Booze before the 9:30pm deadline.

As it got late, I moved out of the venue as I had to return quite a long journey back home ~ packed with some pretty good memories and some extra knowledge about Social Media activity which I've also been part of for quite some time.
It was An Event to Remember !

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