Today something interesting happened. I was at my regular sandwich-wala's stall, just near my home to pick up some sandwich.

A frail weak ( looking around 75yr old muslim ) bearded beggar came up and stood, waiting for the stall owner to give him some money. Maybe, he came regularly to beg. The stall owner gave him a piece of bread. The beggar took it, but still waited expecting money.
The stall owner got irritated and asked why you are waiting, I gave u earlier too. Dunno, but all of a sudden the frail looking beggar got angry and as if something got inside him (ego? Jinn? ) he started screaming at the the stall owner >> '..humko bhik manga samjha hai kya, sukha bread deta hai, hum muhamad ka bhakt hai, allah hu akbar, allah barkat, la ilahi ill allah, mohamadur rasul allah,allah hu akbar.. ' He just kept saying allah hu akbar repeatedly looking angrily at the stall owner.

And mind you, I never saw such attitude from a beggar :o Everyone around got shocked how the beggar started screaming allah hu akbar. It was quite funny too. It looked as if the beggar would beat up the sandwich-wala!
I thought to myself is Bhikari/beggar ki Dadagiri wah wah! Isse toh koyi bhi dar jayega, 'cos he did not look frail anymore as he chanted "allah hu akbar" angrily at the sandwich-wala! Had he been younger, he might have physically fought as well!

Why do you think he got so angry suddenly and showed so much attitude?

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