After 18 years Ayodhya Verdict is finally out in favour of Hindus. At last Truth Wins!
Prior to and even after the verdict, I observed few things :

>>> Why only Hindus ( some ) talk about giving the land for school/hospital or even majid? Even after verdict?
>>> Why Muslims never suggest to make school/hospital/temple even when no namaz was held in the premises for decades?
>>> Why only hindus are too eager to sacrifice their Rights to prove that they are secular, when others don't?

Courts and Archeological evidence have proved beyond doubt that it is Ram Janmabhoomi (Ram's birthplace ), and a temple existed before mughal ruler Babar destroyed it to build a mosque named after him!

If as hindu, you are not Proud and Protective of your holy places and culture, who will? Be secular only when the others around you are equally secular. If they are not secular answer them in their own language !
Remember India is Secular only till hindus are in Majority.
The day hindus become minority, all these 'secularism''freedom' will vanish overnight.

Look at Kashmir as prime example, same is happening slowly in W.Bengal, Assam, Kerala and in wide scale in Pakistan/Bangladesh. Protect your holy sites means protecting your Culture/Traditions for future Generations.
Waqf board, instead of accepting decision says, it'll appeal in Supreme Court, that shows Babar tendencies are still there, not willing to accept evidences/judgement.
Ultimately Truth shall always Win !

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FYI - Author is not a practising hindu, but is only a born hindu.

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