This story is about One well-to-do couple ( I personally know ) from Ghy/Assam. They took their aged father [ the man's father ] to Kanyakumari, a place in South India on the pretext of taking him for a Vacation. Once there, they admitted him in one 'Old Age Home', and came back leaving him there all alone without any money.

It was after 3/4 months, that someone in that home took pity on him and lent him some money so that he could return, as he was extremely unhappy and wanted to go home, also they could not understand what he spoke because of language problems.

The couple were very surprised to see him, when he reached home. When the couple had come back from that vacation everyone used to ask them where the father was, as he too had gone with them, to which they lied that their father loved South India so much that he did not want to come back at all.
Everyone soon got to know the truth, when he returned with much difficulty. He died soon afterwards, a very sad man.

They treated same to their old mother [ lady's mother ] as well. For a long time the old lady was living in her daughter's house, but nearing death neither the daughter nor anyone was willing to keep the old mother anymore. She was sent to her old village home, without anyone to look after her and she died as well.

The couple's children are grown up now, one has also got married recently. Now, as the couple grows older, if they [ i.e the children ] treat them exactly same way as the couple had done to their old parents, how would they [ the couple ] feel? Lets wait and see...


This kind of incidents happen frequently, when old parents are deserted by their children in their old age. I feel, this too is one type of grave abuse.


  1. Very pathetic. What kind of counseling we can offer to such sons / daughters? Bringing social pressure is the only way. It might interest your readers to learn that under Maintenance and Welfare Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007, abandoning parents as cited in Nandini's post can be punished with three months imprisonment. Some NGO should take it up for prosecution.

  2. I don't know how people can be so selfish, if you can't do good to your parents than you don't have right to leave them like this.. Pathetic..

  3. Anonymous03:43

    Old age brings its own set of debilities and then our near and dear ones need help. We conveniently forget all that our parents have done for us and are so busy with office, kids and other responsibilities that we begin neglecting them.
    I must say here that there are a few people who stand out as examples. One of them is my former neighbour - she bought a house for her mother very close to hers, has maids to take care of her, visits her at least twice a day, calls her from office several times and makes sure the mother does not feel lonely.
    Today's day and age is difficult for elderly people and we need to be mindful of that when interacting with them- whether they are our parents or not.

  4. Anonymous03:54

    Hi Nandini. I guess we just forget all that our parents did for us and they are too gracious to remind us. A few people however stand out as examples.
    One of them is my former neighbour - she was working but would visit her mother at least twice a day, call her from office several times and ensure the mother didn't feel lonely. She bought her a separate house and had 24 hour maids to take care of her.
    Everyone might not have the resources to do this but just remembering our debt to parents would make us do much more I feel.


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