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Bombay has been my home since 1988, so, its been quite a long connection I've had with this city. That time I was young and did not hear of any North Indian migrants issue, though, I was aware of a movement against South Indians in 1966.

Presently, since last few years, every other day media has been flashing ~
>> news of north indian students [ http://content.msn.co.in/msncontribute/Story.aspx?PageID=1fbc01fa-164e-4aae-b8e6-12224c98973b ]
>> as well as north indian taxis/autowalas being beaten up in the name of saving marathi culture [ http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Raj-appears-in-Kalyan-court-tight-security-in-place/376562]
[ http://mumbai.metblogs.com/2008/02/06/mns-and-the-outsiders ]

>> the son of soil be given first preference [ http://www.indianexpress.com/news/raj-has-a-new-line-irrigated-land-only-for-marathi-manoos/584700/ ]
>> Banks were warned to make forms / signboards in marathi [ http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Banks-must-put-up-signboards-in-Marathi-Sena/articleshow/6193560.cms ]
[ http://www.rajthackeray.info/Bal-Thackeray-warns-Mukesh-Ambani-to-stay-away-from-Marathi-issue.html ]

>> make marathi compulsory [ http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Mumbai-cops-dont-know-Hindi-should-speak-Marathi/360994/ ]
>> multiplexes were attacked if they didnt show marathi films [ http://www.zeenews.com/news647423.html ]
[ http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/18-MNS-workers-arrested-for-vandalising-multiplexes-in-Mumbai/articleshow/6326754.cms ]

>> shops vandalised if they didnt put up marathi signboards,
>> even some MLA slapped for not speaking in marathi in assembly
[ http://www.indianexpress.com/comments/abu-azmi-slapped-by-mns-mla-for-taking-oath-in-hindi/539149/ etc etc. ]
>> politics of convenience [ http://www.mid-day.com/news/2010/aug/170810-raj-thackeray-ramzan-posters-tie-suit-hindi-urdu.htm ]
>> burn newly registered autos on non-maharashtrians [ http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/raj-thackeray-claims-major-scam-by-maharashtra-govt-in-buying-autos/1/616294.html ]

All these incidents troubled my mind. Its somewhat understandable if you try to promote marathi in rest of Maharashtra, but if you try to force the same in Bombay then history has to be re-read and examined.

So, I decided to try and read Bombay's history to find out justification about all the goondagardi these people were doing on pretext of saving marathi culture. Well, what I found out was very interesting. Bombay has historically never been part of Maharashtra. It was an entirely different state altogether, comprising of little parts of coastal Maharashtra and Gujarat. British had developed the island which was originally inhabited by handful of konkani fisherman.

Sindhis, Parsis, Gujratis, Madwadis settled there initially, on invite from British, where they set up businesses/mills. Then came the UP bhaiyas and Marathis from mainland, and all together they contributed to its growth. This fact proved that all, including the marathis, were migrants unless they want to claim that they are all descendants of the konkani fishermen. That's be weird.
In 1960, after 13yrs of independence, Bombay state was merged with Maharashtra. Since, only last 40 yrs, its been part of Maharashtra, these politicians and their goons gave no right to force Marathi on anyone at least NOT IN BOMBAY! In rest of Maharashtra by all means protect it, nobody would object.

For their own selfishness and lust for power, these politicians are raking up such issues playing with the marathi sentiments. Once they come to power, I'm sure such issues wont exist any more. However, their goondagardi and vandalism, supported by the marathi public by not opposing and being silent spectators is portraying marathis in a very bad light ~ as intolerant people who hates fellow Indians (NI's). What would be the difference between Jihadis who hates non-muslims, harasses and kills them ( with other muslims not opposing the jihadis ) and these politicians/their goons hating north-indians, threatening and beating them up while the other marathis are not opposing?

In my opinion, creating hatred amongst fellow Indians is a huge crime, which in future may have adverse effect; which, might even lead to division of the country if its not nipped in the bud!! Bombay is over crowded no doubt, but, by beating up any north-indians who comes here, is that the solution? For that matter, vandalising cinema halls that do not show marathi movie, is that how law should be enforced, by taking law into own hands and creating an atmosphere of fear and negativity? Isn't there a legal way of doing things?

Why only north-indians be stopped from coming to the city? It should apply to other marathis migrating to it as well, if we go by the history of the city. They are certainly not sons of the soil and are as migrant as others! Someone once claimed to me that Hanuman was Maharashtrian proudly ( though it sounded funny ), to which I replied that in that case Sri Ram was a UPwala north indian, so why hate north-indians then?
Govt can enforce some measures to stop the influx of migrants, but it should be done with other marathis as well [ strictly going by the history of Bombay ]

Why not make few cinema halls specially dedicated to showing marathi films all year through instead of bullying and threatening multiplex owners? If they are committing crime by not showing as per law, then file a case and let law takes its own course. The example of the Jumbo Vada Pav outlets all over city maintaining the culture, without attacking the Mc.Donalds/KFC and other restaurants for not selling vada pavs should pave the way for peaceful solutions.
As for forcing others to speak in marathi, why do these same politicians send their children to english schools and abroad for education? Why don't they practice what they preach at home, and set an example for others rather than being hypocrites! [ http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Raj-men-fight-for-Marathi-send-own-kids-to-English-schools/540015/4/ ]

As for me, I have grown up in the city, have lot of wonderful marathi friends. Marathis have a warm friendly culture, it saddens and horrifies me to see the hatred and intolerance being seeded into their minds.

One day, I was travelling by train in ladies compartment. There was some commotion regarding a seat between a marathi lady and a girl [ punjabi or sindhi perhaps ]. There was very less space, as there were already 3 sitting on the seat. The marathi lady tried to sit in the remaining corner, but due to lack of space she pushed the other three to make herself comfortable. Then that girl asked her not to push....and the marathi lady started yelling at her ~ that these people come from outside, eat everything here etc etc. I'll do this, do that and lots of abuses. The hatred for non-marathis was clear in her abuses. While she kept on ranting the whole journey, the girl kept quiet throughout. If this happened in one railway compartment before my eyes, such instances may be happening elsewhere as well....which is sad.

Once again, by all means do whatever you want in rest of Maharashtra and promote marathi as much as you want, but, leave Bombay Alone!!! Let law rule in Bombay and not some goons! Bombay has its contribution mostly by other communities, respect that, if you want them to respect you!

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