Tribute To Food By Food Fanatic

Who likes Food? It seems a silly question! Of course we all like food; even if we don't like, we need food to survive in this world. So, everyone has to have food. We eat to live!

But on the other hand there are Food Fanatics [ like me ] who just lives to eat. Our kind exists in great numbers, and as for me I can unashamedly admit, food is my weakness. Food comes first for me....even before Music, which is my passion/profession. If I place food before Music, then, one can only imagine how obsessed I'd be ~ for food. It seems, I'm forever Hungry!
But hey, the Food got to be tasty, delicious, yummy, attractive....'cos my fondness for food is simply the fun of eating; the pleasure of tasting new things. I love food simply for the enjoyment it gives, to satisfy my taste, it has got to be tasty! And, whole lot of things in this world are damn tasty....which just leaves me craving for more!

Surprisingly, for long time, almost till my late teens...having a working mother, the only food I knew about was 'maggi, dal, rice, chappati, sabji, bread, butter'. The family outing or 'Dosa' trips were the only luxury I knew! When I lived alone in Bombay for sometime, things got trickier! I loved the freedom I had, so excitedly, I bought whole lot of recipe books eager to try my culinary skills! What a disaster it turned out to be.
All the foreplay of washing, chopping, frying, boiling, cooking...made the end result extremely unattractive. I was not attracted to the food I cooked. Maybe, others would have liked it or found it palatable, but, I simply could not eat the food I cooked! Damn, it was frustrating......not to say the least.

My neighbours saw my plight, and often would offer me dishes they cooked. I discovered bengali, konkani, marathi, sindhi, punjabi, guju food thanks to my neighbours from all these wonderful communities. But how long could I rely on them? I needed other options. I needed to explore. And Explore, I the fullest.
Bombay, being a multi-cultural city, is the melting point of various cultures hence all the cultures bring their delicious cuisines with them, and Bombay is the ultimate place to explore food. Of course, it has international cuisine as well, which is simply irresistible !

Hence ...I've tasted food from all corners of the city, and I'm so impressed by it. But the best of all, is the Street food like pani-puri, bhel puri, ragda pattis, dahi puri etc street-food. Nothing can beat these wonderful tasty items which simply excites our taste buds to orgasmic extremes! And, the thousand varieties of snacks, starters, sizzlers......I'm so addicted to them.
Yeah...yeah.....I know, what you are thinking that all the love for food must be making me an obese, fat and all those health dangers that come along with it. Nah! Over-eating can lead to all that, however, if you eat everything, yet, lead an active life, gym out the caloriesl ~ you can have good figure, and yet eat whatever you want. So, my practice is never to over eat...though, I get tempted and regularly exercise/walk. Of late though, I've become quite lazy :|

Now comming back to food........the most tempting are the desserts! These are those devils that you simply can't resist. They are pretty to look, and very colourful too, as if inviting----come-eat-me, and we just go after it devour it!! Deserts are the reminders that the food adventure ain't over yet...

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