It really does! Today, one man from my building expired.
It is the 4th cancer related death ( due to Smoking/Chewing Tobacco ), I've seen from close range.

The end is horrible. For last 2-3 years, he was on a liquid diet, as he could not take normal food; because, his mouth, throat and lungs were badly affected. He had become thin like a 'stick' and barely able to walk as he was extremely weak.

His face had become greyish due to excessive smoking, and begun to look horrible because his entire mouth portion had become deformed due to cancer.
Last few months, he had to be fed through a pipe inserted through a hole made in his chest. He was in extreme pain.

Everyone knew, including himself, that his end was near! And he died!
Please do not choose this kinda Death, and dump tobacco immediately if you are a smoker.
!! Smoking also causes Impotency !!
Stay Healthy! Love Yourself and Take Care - Hate Cigarettes/Tobacco/Gutkha.

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