Whole life we keep complaining and bragging about all the daily struggles and challenges we face. We are not happy even if we have everything. We look at others with envy and want what they have. Life never seem to be satisfactory 'cos we always want something or the other our whole lives!

When we were young and in school, we just could not wait to grow up and become adults...thinking adult life is so cool. We crave for adult life 'cos it means lots of freedom to take our own decisions, and live life exactly as we want. We keep building dreams that we'll do this or that when we grow up! Days seem to be so long, never ending......we just want everything to happen fast..yet, it seems like its distant..and takes years and years to get what we want. Life seem so long then! Life is never ending then....

Now, when we are adults...we are at the stage where we seem to have got everything what we wanted during our school days, yet, we are not satisfied. We look back at our childhood days with nostalgia and wonder where the hell all the time went? How did the years go by so fast?

Being adults we have seen Death, Diseases, Depression, Devastation, Destruction all around the world around us, and we are faced with a reality that our ultimate Destiny is our own Demise!
No one can escape Death, and, we see it coming closer and closer as we grow older and older, not to mention the unpredictability of it with so many man made disasters.

Our life seem so short, that we have so little time yet there's so many things we have to do or want to do! And, we have not even fully explored our planet yet, leave aside space.....
We'll never fully achieve it ( in our lifetime, atleast )..even if we set out to do it!

Life is indeed short......days seem long yet the years are so short !

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