MEN ARE GREAT COOKS :: Almost all restaurant cooks around the world are men, so it proves that men are indeed fabulous at cooking
In our homes we are taught that a woman's place is in the kitchen, but, if a man from childhood is taught cooking, think how impressed his wife would be! Man cooking at homes would ensure a long lasting happily ever after married and family life !! Because a woman really loves a man who can cook !

So run to your kitchen guys! ....while we women, cook our err stories n gossips :D
FUNNY BLUNDERS :: Yesterday, I bought a packet of Haldiram Bhujiya. Being extremely finicky about Mfd and Exp dates, I asked the shopkeeper to show. It read May'10.

I don't know where my mind was b'cos I insisted that it was old pack of last year. He showed me the exp date as Jan'11. Still, I kept insisting to give me a new pack.
Fed up with me, he showed another pack written Mar'10 ( previous pack was May10 ). Then I told him happily,'See this one is new'! It had exp Oct'10, and I took it, while the man had a funny expression in his face
Later I realised he was showing a new pack all along, while I insisted and bought an older pack!
Whoah!! Do you make such funny blunders?

TWITTER STARS :: These days every tom, dick, harry n their cousins are on twitter...which is a nice thing for celebs to give their egos a boost, but at the rate celebs are using twitter to promote themselves or their movies, are fast eroding the starry status they used to have and made them seem despo attention seekers. I may be wrong or right but its what I've observed. In past celebs used to have a mysterious air about them 'cos they were not accessible; now, they are too eager to accessize themselves, that it can be really boring, what with them appearing on TV all the time! Twitter is great to communicate no doubt...but at times, there is no more difference between a celeb and a common man which takes the fun out of it!

CRUSH ENEMY NO.1 :: Mosquitoes our common Enemy regardless of our religion, race, caste, creed, colour, language, and all of you would agree.........
Why da hell God made mosquitoes? What pleasure He gets by seeing them bite us and suck our blood, and give disease like Malaria? Make a pledge to show No Mercy to these blood sucking vampires and crush them when you see them!
Shout a war cry 'I hate Mosquitoes' !

STRANGE PROBLEM :: Im having a rather strange problem....I can read hindi very well (newspapers, articles, books) But when it comes to writing, I donno how to write hindi at all.
In school, I had learnt my native language, so, did not learn hindi. Whatever I learnt was by watching hindi movies, tv..as a result, I understand and speak very well
When I shifted to bombay during h.s.c, I took hindi for a year and learnt it from scratch, however, after h.s.c it was not required, so ignored it.
Now funnily, if I'm asked to read some hindi literature I can read perfectly, can recognise all the alphabets and the grammar...but, if someone asks me to write in hindi I simply don't know how to write! And feel helpless!
What is this problem called? Koyi ilaaz?

How do we know Happiness, if we've never experienced Sadness?
How do we know Laughter, if we never had Tears in our eyes?
How do we know Success, if we have never tasted Failure?
How do we enjoy birth of a newborn, if we have not seen Death of someone very dear?
Every moment of Life is Precious.
Life is like a Battery, we need both the positive and negative sides to charge it up!
We need the negatives to truely value the positives!

Many Indians who suffer from the skin disease Lucoderma, loses their skin colour and become white/pinkish and almost look like European. While many Europeans who does sun bathing gets a heavy tan and almost resemble a brown skinned Indian. So are 'race' just a myth? Its all a trick of the skin melanin which increases or decreases? However, would love to know how the African get the fat lips and Chinese get the small eyes!?

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