Are we really Free? 63 years of freedom from colonial rule, yet, we are not free from poverty, corruption, scams, riots, terrorists, disasters, inflation, bad governance! So, how are we Free? --

On 15th Aug, we'll celebrate our Independence; momentarily, we will remember the freedom movement, the blood our freedom fighters shed, sacrifices they made so that we could be free ( some won't bother at all as they take everything for granted ), and then later, forget all about it till next 15th Aug comes .

This subcontinent has the bloodiest history. It has seen invasions, loot, conversions over and over again. We were bunch of princely states scattered all over without any unity. Outsiders took advantage of it and ruled over us for centuries. Now even after attaining freedom, we see separatists and naxal movements in almost all states. In north, if we have Kashmir, Khalistan issue; in east we have Naga/Bodo/Manipuri, Ulfa militants, illegal Bangladeshi and jihadis. In south we have Kerela jihadists; in central parts we have mao-naxals. In west we have Raj Thackerey type politicians with regionalism, concerning the north-indian migrants issues. Then in almost all over India, we have caste issues, farmers committing suicides, we are among those with highest poverty levels, inflation and price rise of essential commodities, uncontrollable politicians in one scam or the other, bureaucracy infected with corruption, communal riots gripping the country in various parts every now and then..not to mention, India holding the record for maximum amount of terrorist attacks ever faced in its soil, in the world!

The urban youth have become ignorant immune couch potatoes, inspite of seeing everything happening around them. They are nonchalant about it. We continue to bring those people to power who has only further ruined and corrupted the system, we don't participate ourselves to weed out our seething problems..and then, blame others for all the wrong things. We as Indians, have to unite, irrespective of caste, language, religion etc, only then, the country will be strong, instead of hiding behind our respective 'groups' which only divides the society further.

We divided, enemies succeed; we united enemies defeat! So give it a serious thought. Are we really free?

On A Lighter Note - Azadi kya hai? School mei teachers azad hone nahi dete. Office me boss azad hone nahi dete. Jab shadi na huwa ho to parents azad hone nahi dete. Shadi ho jaye to spouse azad hone nahi dete. Aur buddhe ho jawo to bimariya azad hone nahi dete. Marne ke baad kabr/shamshaan azad hone nahi degi... Mujhe to dur dur tak azadi nahi dikh hum azad kaise huwe? :p

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