Opening the room keys,
Slowly she crept in,
Engulfed in memories,
instantly wrapped in.
This once familiar room, she booked,
Reminded her the man
to whom, she was once hooked.
She could still feel
and smell him everywhere,
Though its been years,
that he was even near.
He had promised her the stars,
in love she had fell,
Unaware it was simply a game
he played well.
The piercing pain,
she could bear no more,
Slashing her wrists besides the tub
they once made love,
She breathed, till her soul
wasn't in her body anymore.

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Copyright 2014 © Nandini Deka

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  1. sad sad game......

  2. too depressing- why anyone would let someone rule their life is beyond me....

  3. lovely one

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