So, you thought you meet smelly people only in your daily life - in 'real' life, that is? On buses, trains, office, work, parties, parks, shops, neighbourhood etc; even at homes too! Yes! They are everywhere. It's alarming. But you know what - it gets freakier! Because, the smelly species have now, slowly but surely, infiltrated the world wide web too. Yes! You encounter smelly people in the cyber-space. They are even more scarier than the normal smelly people, you've met so far. Because, even though they might not be close to you physically - their stink shall get to you nonetheless - yes, coming all the way via the fibre-optics, broadband, wifi, routers or satellites. Isn't that scary? Hell, it is. And there's no escape from them - they knock vigorously at your nostrils, your whole being - making you nauseous. They can stink the living daylights out of you.


So, I was a internet newbie,
Exploring the world wide web in glee,
Discovering a wealth of knowledge,
I discovered something else too;
That people can give a bad stink,
Sitting miles away from you.

When social-media was limited to only Yahoo,
Those were the days, when everything seemed taboo.
Then, came they; in various chat-rooms,
Masked in DPs of sport-stars and actors,
Cowards, hiding behind others;
They were the smelly impersonators.
They stalked others, asking 'asl asl',
Spammed merrily, they were blocked, until.
Bots many, you didn't know who you were chatting with,
Then came even more surprises, the fake IDs.
Males in female names and vice-versa,
Engulfed you were, with these weird cyber-creatures.
You had no option, but to shut your PC frustratedly,
Untrustable net, you were left with
Only a bad stink daily.


From a shaky Yahoo, you then entered the land of Orkut,
Things will get better, you'd fervently hoped.
Net opened up a bit and people shared more, in facebook,
Unawares, of those smelly creatures that nearby lurked.
People's personal stuff now out in the open,
Began getting used, misused;
Much worse was when,
Gangs of trolls, sprung up.
They infiltrated groups and communities,
Their flaming remarks, converted these to war-territories.
Attacks on individuals, personal, were not limited,
They targeted politicians and religions too, unabashed.
What could be healthy discussions,
Now, were their stinky playground,
You had no option but to shut your PC,
To keep the smelly filth out.


As social-media gradually expanded, leaps and bounds,
Top-brands and media took interests abound.
New set of smelly people arrived, who were constant cribbers,
They whined, cribbed away at all times; irritating others.
Small issues, they'd blow into gigantic proportions,
Nothing you explained, entered their thick skulls.
They harassed, bullied, accused others and would threaten,
Then sat coy, wailing themselves the victim.
This breed enters various online contests,
Screams the whole place down,
Of foul; partiality; favoritism; injustice,
If their crappy posts doesn't win.
They are indeed a smelly of a different kind,
You'll need several hot-baths with Racold,
To cleanse, after encountering their kind :D


Phew! After encountering all these smellys of a different and more dangerous kind, you'll definitely think about an escape. Thank God! You can block & ignore, switch off your PC too and get rid of them altogether. But there's nothing like a refreshing racold hot water bath to wash all that stink away!


Encountering internet trolls, key-board warriors, impersonators, cyber-bullies etc in 'www' can be a stinky affair - you'll need a racold hot water bath to feel fresh again ;-)

Disclaimer : No Smelly people were injured during the writing of this post. Our only sincere request is for them to have a racold hot-water bath & spread freshness in the virtual world.

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  1. Nice one ! All the best for the contest !

  2. Cyber smell ? wow this might get featured in Wikipedia in few years :D

    Infrared Guy

    1. haha...yeah definitely if its not there already :p

  3. Nice post, Thanks a lot to share with us. Searching for jobs Ind Govt Jobs.

  4. Nice post!!Reminded of old days when social networking was limited around Yahoo..
    All d best for contest :)

  5. Nice post! Reminded me of the days when people cheated on yahoo with fake ID!

  6. Lovely post.. hope it will not spread the stink when you win this one. ;)


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