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Somebody posted a poem in an online group which is as follows:

He gave me a tight hug,
As there was a dangerous flying bug,
Being in his arms I felt love,
It was so peaceful like the peace bird dove

It is a nice and sweet poem but seemed somewhat sleepy.Hence I decided to spice it up a bit by playing with the same words.I came out with 2 different version. a. Wild! b. Hot!
Both are as given below:

He gave me a hug,
but there was no freaking bug.
In his arms I felt love
which was wilder than any stupid dove

2. HOT
He gave me a tight hug,
as though nearby was a flying bug.
Being in his arms I felt love
that was insanely hotter than any peaceful dove

Hence we see that with a little creativy and playing with words using the same material we can make new things with entirely different moods.

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