Not everyone can be Creative.Artistic Creativity comes from within.You can learn the techniques of singing,you may also sing better than other professional singers but you may not be able to create a new song altogether.Similarly you may draw or paint very well by learning it,and make a painting as good as a 'Monalisa',but to create your own masterpiece ( something that has not been done by anyone else before ) needs a highly creative bone.Likewise for writers,everybody who goes to school can read and write,you may even learn the language to perfection,but when you try to sit down and write your own story,your mind may go totally blank.Because if you are not creative at heart,you'll find it very difficult to create your own characters and plot your story to perfection.It requires a very creative mind to weave a story.

All these 3 fields i.e Music,Painting or Writing are highly creative areas.You may be a part of it indirectly by singing other people's songs,or imitating someone else's art or even memorise all of Shakesphere's plays and remember them even better than Shakesphere himself,but if you are not a creative person you'll never be able to create your 'own' work like Shakesphere or the other writers did.There is no school in this world that teaches a subject called 'creativity'.It is a unique talent which either you have it or you dont.Creative people have that little 'extra' which others dont.If you realise early that you have a creative bone you keep working at it to make it perfect.
Creativity comes naturally.You wont require others to tell you to create something,it will come automatically to you.Ideas will instantly start pouring in your mind.
If you're into music your mind will constantly keep playing new tunes all the time.
If you are a painter you'll see colours taking shape in your mind into various objects or landscapes.

And if you are a writer then new stories and ideas will plot by themselves in your mind.
As soon as these tunes,colours or ideas come in your mind,you will feel the urge to express them immediately by capturing it into your medium.A musician will record it,a painter will splash colours into his canvas and a writer will write it down.After the initial idea is captured the creative person would then work on his craft,keep polishing it till it is perfect and presentable to an audience.
However,that initial 'idea' is what makes a creative person,and that is most important.Because without that original idea you are just nothing but an ordinary person.It is that initial 'original' idea that makes the creative person what he is i.e unique and special.So,try to see if you get an original idea.If it comes then you have the chance to call yourself a creative person.But it is not as easy as it sounds because everyone is not designed to be creative.Only few people can be creative and rest are the audience.

While all these three fields are mediums of expression and captures the attention of many people around the globe,creativity has certain guidelines that one has to adhere to.Some principles and ethics to follow for it to be a respectable art.There are a fine line that seperates a classic art from vulgarity,intense write up from defamations or in case of music plagarism i.e by lifting off someone else's tunes and claiming it as your own.

Just because you have the creative freedom which your State allows you to have,you simply cannot just create any and everything that would hurt people at large.Eg. MF.Hussain's controversial paintings of hindu gods or the Danish cartoons depicting a Prophet.Both these artists managed to hurt certain communities a lot which is highly condemnable.

Painting vulgar,pornographic images deliberately to hurt someone is simply not an art but an abuse of it.Fine arts does allow nudes whether in canvas or sculptures and is a great creative medium,but to use it as the renowned painter MF.Hussain did to insult hindu dieties by naming his naked paintings ( all in objectionable positions ) after the revered hindu gods.It was a deliberate mischief and hence not an art.
Many musicians too have lifted other's compositions and have passed it as their own.It is clearly a blatant misuse of creative expression and hence a crime.
Bollywood abounds with such lifting-off of tunes which includes big names such as RD.Burman,Annu Malik,Bappi Lahiri,Pritam etc.These composers have blatantly lifted other people's work and credited it to themselves.They mainly lift western or arabic numbers,and copyright laws being not tight they have escaped the law.
Writers too have a responsibility.Writers have a great weapon,their 'pen',which can influence people's mind.A simple writing can create a revolution,hence it is the most powerful medium of expression.Writing truth should be the priority.There is a category named,'fiction' to accomodate all the imaginary stuff.But if you are writing non-fiction then you have to write everything authentic and accurate.You should not deliberately make up false stories or claims or defame anyone.Defamation is when you write false things about someone or name someone in your false claims.
In that case you can be I named few musicians earlier for plagarism,I cannot do it unless I have solid facts ( which I have in this case )else it'll be a defamation.

Also you should not lift off other people's writing and claim it as your own,it is plain plagarism.You should also avoid writing objectionable things such as pedophile or beastily acts.Writers do write a fair amount of adult or violent stuff,however they should stay within the permissible limits of freedom of expression and not cause deliberate harm or damage to anyone,or even incite others with hateful content.
If you are indeed writing a controversial article that may ruffle a few feathers always write it in 3rd person.That way you can speak the truth without naming anyone directly in it.
So,these are some of the things to be aware of in your creative pursuits.
Hope it helps.

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