I normally dont write anything about bollywood ( there are zillions of bollywood portals and gossip blogs out there anyways ).

However a recent article which I accidently read set me rolling on the floor with laughter.If readers remember I had recently written an article about the paid media ( on this blog itself - Read it here ),how much of it is planned and paid.However,news of the top stars like an Amitabh or an Aishwarya arent always paid ( though they still do hire a publicist or have a PR ) because media is already over obsessed with them ( specially the top stars ).So,naturally when the news of Aishwarya pregnant came in,the media went frenzy.Almost everything related to Aishwarya including her birthday became a breaking news.It seemed that whole India had become pregnant.However,even more hilarious was when suddenly in a new twist n' turn,the media set up a committee to make up an unsual 10 point resolution not to go over-the-top in the delivery coverage.

These are the 10 pointers that the media agreed to :
  • » No pre-coverage of the event.
  • » Story of the birth of the baby to run only after, and on the basis of, official announcement.
  • » Story not to run on breaking news band.
  • » No camera or OB vans at hospital or any other location (like the Bachchans' homes Pratiksha or Jalsa) related to the story.
  • » Channels will only go for photo-op or press conference if invited.
  • » Channels will not carry any MMS or photo of the child. We can carry if issued by the family
  • » No astrology show to be done on this issue.
  • » No 11.11.11 astro shows to be done.
  • » The duration of story to be around a minute/ninety seconds.
  • » Obviously, unauthorized entry into hospital not permitted.

    It does bring a chuckle in my mind as to why the over obssesed media suddenly decided to turn saner.Self-realisation?Or the fact that the Bachchans themselves ridiculed the constant media attention on their official blog that made these media go red-in-the-face.Whatever it is I'm still howling with laughter.Media are definately a funny lot in India and fast loosing their credibility too.Since then Aishwarya has given birth to a baby girl and the media for sometime forgot their ten pointer resolutions temporarily as well and went berseck.Last heard they were suggesting names for Aishwarya's baby girl.
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