Express Music by ND
Hi Friends,this is Nandini.. I always express myself with music,so have fun and enjoy my music .Bye

About O'Ajnabi by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..I want to talk to you about O'Ajnabi the Music Album,which I have released recently all over India as well as abroad.And all the details about it is available in my Official Website which is NandiniDeka.tk.Please check out.All the downloads are available there and let me know how much you have enjoyed the Music....bye..

About Ajnabi Song by ND
.."mera dil aaj ajnabi sey yeise..mil gaya jaise ek ho,itne aaj kareeb huwe hum dono,lagta hai jaise ek ho"..Well guys..this is the song 'Ajnabi' from the Music Album O'Ajnabi.The song is sung features Saumya..and the music composition and lyrics is done by me,of course.The song is very special to me,because it is dedicated to someone who was an 'ajnabi' in my life,but,who became very special.So,it will connect with you immediately when you listen to it.Just Check-It-Out and hope you like it.And let me know how much you like it.

About Music by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well..guys,I want to talk to you about Music.Music is Eternal and has no boundaries.Music is the food for the soul,at least for me it is.Music is my life and I love Music,and I know everyone is connected to Music in some ways since we all grow up hearing lots of music,songs etc.So guys...this is my love and I'm sharing it with all of you and I hope you all love it,and tell me what type of Music you like and I'll try to make it for you.And have a very nice Musical life.Thanks...bye..

About Love by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Guys I want to talk to you about Love.Love is Life.Those who have experienced Love has experienced life and have lived life to the fullest.Love is very special,and we have to cherish it.There are people who love us but we ignore them,take them for granted.We shouldnt do that,we should love back and always value the feelings they have for us...Because even we feel for someone and we want that the other person should value that feeling.So always appreciate love and those people who love you.And take care people. Spread love and love everybody!

About Life by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well guys..I want to talk to you about Life! Life is precious and we get it only once.There is No Re-Take in Life..So,guys enjoy every moment of your life in a very positive and optimistic way.Dont waste any moment in a negative,or complaining or cribbing about Life.And just be happy about whatever you have got,whatever God has given you..because everything happens for a reason and everything happens as per God's will.So,just enjoy and be positive and be happy about Life..Just Live It Up! and be always Cool..

About Laugh by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well..guys,I always appreciate good sense of humour.Laughter is the best medicine we can ever find in this world.So..guys,we should always make our life happy and very healthy by laughing a lot and by making others laugh.We should always fill our life with happy and smiling moments...and it is the best thing we can give ourselves as a Gift..And Guys,try to find humour in everything we do or say,in others also...So that life is not negative and it is full of positivity and full of laughter.Enjoy your life with lots of Laugh and lots of Happy moments.

About Hope by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..I want to talk to you about Hope.Hope is what makes our life better and worth living.When we have hope,we can think of a better future and a better world.So,never loose hope people.Always try to bring your hopes into a Reality and think that we ourselves can make a difference.We have to cash in on our Hope and make it a reality and this is what Life is all about people.Just never give up hope and Love everyone.Thanks..

About True Love by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well guys..I want to talk to you about True Love. What is True Love? Does True Love exist in this world? We all have our crushes,infatuations and relationships.But most of the time these relationship just break up.There are lots of divorces and seperations happening.So does True Love really exist in this world?..Well..I think it happens if we make it True Love by being loyal and honest to our partners and by being sincere and dont take relationships for granted.If we are loyal to our partner and we are understanding with our partner,then it can be a True Love and True Love will exist.So,be loyal to your partner and be a very Caring person.Thank You !

About Love & Positivity by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..I want to talk to you about Love & Positivity.People spread Love & Positivity to each and everyone around you.This world is suffering and we have to heal it together,and this is possible only with Love & Positivity.So spread Love,spread the message of Peace,spread the message of Positivity and World will be a much better place to live in..bye..

Message of Peace by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well Guys..I'm so worried about whats going on in this planet.People are killing each other in such a humiliating manner,in such violent ways.We are the only species in this world who kill our own species members and its so sad.Its depressing guys!...Lets spread the message of Peace to stop all these violence.Lets Love everyone around us.Spreading of Love can stop this violence and its the only way! So, please spread this mesSage of Peace to all your near and dear ones,so that this message is carried forward to everyone around us!..Have peace and have lots of Faith in yourself..

Holi Greetings by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Wish you all a very very happy Holi..'rang barse bhigi chunarwali rang barse..'..Well,aapke life mei yeise colourful bane rahe aur aap hamesha har logon ko itni khushiya de that everyone around you is always happy and always colourful.Happy Holi people and Love to you All..

Diwali Greetings by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well,Guys..Diwali is a celebration is Lights and it is also the festival of Victory over Evil,Victory over Darkness.So it is the celebration of Victory of your Inner-Self! So guys,celebrate Diwali with lots of fun and have lots of glorious moments,with your friends and family...like exchanging gifts and lots of sweets!And say No to crackers.Dont ruin this environment which is so fragile.Lets care for it and have fun! and Have a very Safe Diwali..bye..

New Year Wishes by ND
Hi..Friends,this is Nandini!..Well Guys..I love you all and I want you all to be very happy,and always be prosperous in life.Happy New Year! And have a great time! Thanks...bye

Independence Day Message by ND
Saare jahan se acha,hindustan humara. Hum bulbule hai iski,woh gulsita humara. Happy Independence Day everyone. Enjoy your freedom Responsibly

Joining the Anna Movement by ND
Hi.. Friends, this is Nandini! .. Just to inform you that I've joined the Anna Hazare's movement against corruption. Guys,I want all of you to join this movement, it is a kranti , and a revolution and a fight against corruption. So do something good for your country,something which you'll be proud of,and something which will be remembered in future generations as well. And make your country corruption free and a better place to be. Thanks. Bye.

Navratri & Durga Puja Greetings by ND
Hi,everyone.. Wish you Happy Navratri and a very Happy Durga Puja. Enjoy the Festive Season and have lots of fun!

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