They had recovered it alas, the same boat that had met with a fatal accident, not so long ago. It was all repaired now and painted new.

Standing by its edges, Rian looked into the waters that stretched far ahead. The blue water sparkled under the skies above. It was inviting, as though giving a glimmer of hope to Rian. A hope, to be united with his dear friend!

Filled with emotions, he could feel his eyes growing moist. Tears were threatening to flood and join the waters ahead. How he wished, God was impartial and took him too that fateful day.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers ( Image Copyright – © Jennifer Pendergast )
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  1. unfortunately time does not go back and you can never change tragedy

  2. One can't change his fate.

  3. It is so hard letting go. Far better that Rian should acknowledge that the repaired boat was an end the matter and walk away.

  4. Nice take on the prompt

  5. A sad take, brilliantly put..

  6. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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