Last Saturday ( 5th Aug ), my whole internet world collapsed all of a sudden. Whenever I tried opening my Chrome browser, it'd show an error window and shut off as soon as I tried closing that pop-up. It was annoying to say the least, frustrating too :| I had all my bookmarks and passwords saved in my Chrome, and I didn't want to lose them all of a sudden. Passwords being the ones I hardly remembered of almost all the sites I had an account in. I have few other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Tor, Opera and the good old Internet Explorer too, so I guess I shouldn't have panicked so much as I could still access the net. Well, wrong! These browsers totally suck especially with my snail-paced net connection in which only the Chrome seemed to work, not fast but managed somehow. For the rest, even thinking to use any would be a waste of time :s

So, my mind just wondered frantically what on earth to do. I had two other lappies and a desktop too, but this lappy of mine has been my favourite ( my loyal partner for last 4 years or so ) and I didn't want to desert it ~ as browsing ( also blogging ) is the only thing I use my lappy for. Some people suggested re-installing etc, which I did ~ over and over, but to no solution. I read tonnes of links in Google with people having the same problem and also checked some Youtube videos that suggested many things eg. installing software like revo-uninstaller to remove any hidden files and then installing the Chrome again. I did that, multiple times. But it didn't work. Also, there was a suggestion to exclude Chrome in Comodo Firewall settings, I did that too. was really a nightmare, I say. Only when such things happen you wonder how casually you had taken the Chrome all this while for granted, duh!
Anyways, while browsing some more stupid videos on the same issue, trying to find a solution, I came upon one comment under a particular video. The video itself was crappy, but I thought to try out what was suggested in the comment.

"Go to the program files, google, chrome folder and add this .exe to the original Icon of Chrome.. For example " chrome.exe " then copy it and make a short cut to your desktop. done."

And nightmare instantly vanished! So, folks..if you are facing this headache called 'BEX' in Chrome, you know what to do. Simply do what the gentleman above has suggested. Thanks to that fellow my headache is cured and my favourite browser is back. So, this post is dedicated to that helpful chap
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  1. I adore my new Acer 15 Chromebook but being my first experience with the Chrome OS I was nervous. I have a full computer and even with running the Chrome browser it was getting very slow. I use the internet same as you and I must say a Chromebook is heaven! I don't miss Windows or the other fluff one bit and I get great internet!

    I wanted to tell you that if you ever have a problem with the Chrome browser don't be afraid to send feedback to Google. Under settings/About there's a place to report an issue and they answer. I found that the extensions can sometimes be a problem and by unenabling them you can sometimes rule out basic Chrome issues. Just enable them again when you find an answer.

    It's good to find knowledgeable people online who can help. I've been helped by so many like him.

    I love the Chromebook it's like having Chrome with muscles for the internet and blogging is still devine. Happy Labor Day!

    1. heya..Bekkie...oh yes...that person was definitely an angel for me...i love chrome too...other browsers simply don't work in my lappy....have a nice day and thanks for dropping by :-)


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