Travel involves lot of things - travel-fares, vehicles, gears etc. But most important is where you stay or eat as well. After all, without a proper rest or food you won't be able to travel, right? Here comes AirBnb, that is all set to change the way you travel, altogether ~ globally!


Being a travel enthusiast, I became member of AirBnb much before I saw this particular campaign and have been toying with the idea of hosting a place myself ( at my native place ) for travelers who seek to stay in a comfortable home-stay. There are many interesting places to see and experience nearby, and I guess, it'll make a perfect choice; especially for those who are tight on budget. I have already drafted the listing and maybe shall publish it too, anytime soon. The idea is to make a vacant lying space in your house 'useful', by renting it out; thus, earning from it as well in the process. Isn't that amazing!

What I liked instantly about AirBnb is the unique concept of living with the locals when traveling. What can be more unique or intimate than that? Rather than putting up in a pricey hotel like a typical tourist, this concept allows you to be the real traveler; it allows you to explore the local culture, food, habits etc. Isn't that what we travel for? To experience a different place and its local people & culture? Atleast, that's one of my major aims while travelling. AirBnb allows you to connect and build lasting relations; by truely making the world - a home!

AirBnb offers a plethora of choices too, that I couldn't help but notice. I simply had to make a WishList out of it. Hope to land at these places soon. The WishList button is quite easy to find ( see pic below ), where I can store all my favourite dream places that I want to visit/stay. I noticed, AirBnb already has its top-picks listed, so, naturally I hopped there first to check it out.

Although I'd love to travel every corner of this beautiful world, there are some places however I'd love to see and experience first. Besides, my choice of accommodation has to be the really out-of-the-ordinary too. Thus, my Top-5 #AirBnbWishList Picks are as follows :

AIRBNB WISH LIST 1. Tree House Gabrielle d' Estrees in France ~ When I was young, I was fascinated by tree houses that I'd read in comic books or see in children's films. Later on, I came across some really unique tree-houses, perched high up amidst nature. So, Europe being a first must-destination for me, I'd like to try some of these amazing tree-house accommodations. Just see this house, who wouldn't want to be up there? Located at France ( the most romantic place on earth ), with picturesque settings around, this is a perfect place for me to relax, unwind and perhaps finally write my full-fledged novel or splash myriad colours on my canvas. Or maybe I can just watch the world below, from up there. Ah! I'm simply in love with it. See how it is built around a 150 year old Oak tree! The place has got verified pictures as well as favourable reviews, so no worries there. Its always a good sign when a place is verified.

AIRBNB WISH LIST 2. Trulli in Itria Valley, Itali ~ While in Europe, another of my favourite must-visit destination is Italy, where a stay in a traditional Trullo is must! These are old homes, some even couple of centuries old too. Italy has so many exotic locations to see, that one might never get tired of. After hiking, trekking, cycling all over the beautiful country, I'd love to come home to its local Trulli. This particular home has been owned by the owner's family for 300 years and been restored as per tradition of the masters Trulli craftsmen, keeping its original appearance untouched. It offers all the modern amenities too and has favourable reviews; so, a definite thumbs-up!

AIRBNB WISH LIST 3. Jack Sparrow House in England ~ Fairy tales have always been part of our lives. We used to love seeing those unique cottages and get enchanted, that however existed only in fairy tale books. How I wished my house was also like one of those. Well, with Airbnb now I can definitely try some of the fairy-tale cottages listed in their top-picks, that exists for real. This house, straight out of a fairy-tale book, totally bowled me. Since, we are still travelling around Europe, this house in Cornwall is a perfect house to put up and live some fairy-tale moments. This place is so beautiful, serene - I'm just awed. And the tiny cabin, it is just the place I'd love to sleep after spending the whole day outside watching the sea and mesmerizing country-side. The 'house rules' says - Chirp with the birds in the morning! Oh! Yes, I'm so ready to do that.

AIRBNB WISH LIST 4. Malibu Yurt retreat in Organic Farm ~ After touring Europe, we move next to North America. This listing with over 170 reviews caught my attention. Yurt is a cute tent-type property, although it is different in built and structure. It gives a portable feeling and looks awesome. The place is equipped with modern amenities that looks impeccable, and is in healthy eco-friendly organic surroundings. And with beautiful places around to explore, as well as gaze up at the stars at night, sitting underneath the open skies, this place gets a huge thumbs-up from me.

AIRBNB WISH LIST 5. John Steinbeck's Writer's Studio, CA ~ My love passion for writing made me add this next listing in my WishList. This pretty house used to belong to author John Steinbeck in the early 40's. The fact that this place looks still so fresh and beautiful, makes me wanna stay here so bad. I'd actually like to 'own' it too, if I could. But alas.... The location where this house is i.e Pacific Grove, is also an enchanting place with lots of breathtaking views and recreational activities. The Pacific Ocean, the Monterey Bay, City of Monterey, Del Monte Forest along with a 18-hole golf course, a butterfly habitat sanctuary, sandy beaches etc, makes this places too irresistible.

What you've seen above are not just beautiful pictures. These are actual places that can be experienced for real via AirBnb website and make your fantasies come true. With assured security of the whole bookings, with extra comfort of these being verified locations with rave reviews too, one simply cannot go wrong with AirBnb! I can hardly wait to get there myself :-) Check out my special #AirBnbWishList below and do look out for my own listing too ;-)



( Images - AirBnb & IB )
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