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The thunderous storm that pounded the night before had his precious Yacht crashing into the giant rocks hidden beneath the wild oceans.

Making a somewhat narrow escape, he managed to unclasp the dingy boat attached to the yacht, and sailed all through the night direction-less.

Tired, hungry and having lost everything he found himself surrounded by water on all sides ~ he was lost.

As the boat floated in the now-calm sea, the morning call of the sea-gulls above woke him up.

He gazed around helplessly, hoping for rescue – till he saw bits of land emerging in the distant horizon.

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  1. Anonymous13:03

    Lucky for him!

  2. This unfolded perfectly. I felt what he may have felt! Well done.
    Here is my story: http://mcguffysreader.blogspot.com/2014/10/horizon.html

  3. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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