Early this morning I came across a post by a so-called award winning blogger. The post was lavished with praises for humour factor. Later, I came to find out that its more a rip-off from this link. Well, what can we say about 'originality' and 'hogging the limelight' without giving credit where its due, eh?

Anyways, this post is not about that. Its more about WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-HAPPENING-IN-THIS-FREAKING-WORLD!
Every day, in facebook/twitter, I come across horrible pictures of beheaded people ( young/old/children alike ), by some blood thirsty jihadi maniacs. 'Appalling' is too tiny a word to describe the feeling of disgust, these pictures leaves us with. Then there are those news of Christian/Yazidi/Infidel women asked to convert or get raped/killed. More appalling is some apologists still claiming about religion of peace, blah blah! Where the fcuk is 'peace' in all these? I see only 'pieces' of chopped human-beings everywhere. These maniacs even uses babies/children for their repulsive acts.

More frightening is the news that I'm getting to hear of late, is that several Indian youth are fleeing their homes to join the jihadis in their fight ( in middle-east ). We had heard about foreign fighters from USA/UK etc other countries, till now. And now, with Al-Qaeda announcing more franchises in the Indian-subcontinent and beyond ( like Burma/Bangladesh etc ), I won't be surprised if they are already getting hundreds of recruitment applications for the ticket to Jannat & 72 virgins. I don't like to criticize someone else's religions/beliefs, but when some religion has 'ruling the world' aspirations ( verse 8.39 ), establishing its own 'shariah laws' ~ it no longer remains a religion; it becomes politics bloody one at that.

With Modi ( leading an apparent hindutva govt ) at the helm, I fear more terrorist attacks in the near future. The whole world ( irrespective of all their differences ) needs to come together to do something fast, something very urgent. Many of these outfits like Taliban/ISIS are creation of USA/CIA, they say. But why can they get created in the first place? Its because of those controversial 'verses' present in their books, that can be exploited. Moreover, we've already seen such blood-curdling events happen in the past, in our own sub-continent ( much before usa/cia even existed ~ remember Ghazni, Ghouri, Aurangzeb etc? ). Hence, I believe, till those verses are there, I see no respite to this problem.


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