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It was Nadia’s; the blue dolphin chimes that hung by the door. She loved the seas.

Mermaid – she was nicknamed.

Every weekend, she used to go deep sea scuba-diving. But her main passions were the blue dolphins. Every morning she’d go to the marine park nearby and talk to them, feed them, play with them.

That day after feeding them, she had sailed out to the high seas. But never came back. An unexpected cyclone had wrecked the boat. All that was found from the debris under-sea was this 'chime'. She had bought it that morning.

Her only remains left.

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  1. quite a sad story.

  2. Very bittersweet tale, but I liked all your detail of Nadia's life and for all we know, she's off there swimming with the dolphins.

  3. Dear Nandini,

    I believe that Nadia died doing what she loved most. Who can ask for more? Nice one.



  4. thank a lot everyone :-)


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