Hi Everyone!!!!
Just thought of doing a Voice a.k.a radio Blog today.Talking here about my
music,writing and creativity.Enjoy!!

1. Introduction : Hi Friends!This is Nandini.A little about me.I am a author and a musician,and you can get couple of my books in Amazon.com.If you have a kindle you can order them directly to your kindle device.You can also order my music from Flipkart.com and get it delivered right up to your home.So,have a nice time and enjoy my music and enjoy my books.

2. My Writing : I have always been writing ever since my school days.I used to write short stories,essays and poems which used to get published in our school magazine and also in various newspapers.I also used to take part in lots of writing competitions,essay competition.So,writing has always been a part of my life and it has continued till now.

3. My Genre : Professionally I've been writing since couple of years now.My books are available in Amazon.com.My subject is contemporary social issues.I do write non-fiction and fiction like horror & romance,but my most preferred genre is social issues.

4. My Music : Well,music and me are inseperable.Its my life.Music is what I am and I love the creativity part of music.Whenever I am alone,or driving or anywhere,music just comes into me and I just try to create new stuff,and which I record immediately.And its what gets attracted to me,the creativity part.

5. Creativity : I feel both writing and music are similar in nature because both are extremely creative fields.And I am a very creative person who loves creating new stuff whether its writing or music.So,it is what I do and it is what I am i.e a creative person.And music and writing defines me.

6. Future : About the future.I'd love to make more music and keep writing till the day I die,because it is what I enjoy doing the most.And nothing can seperate me from them.And its my hobby as well as my profession.So,keep looking out for new things from me and you'll definately get it.

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