There is an increase in fundamentalism/aggression in hindus recently, only thanks to Islam and what's happening worldwide, a pan-jihad, against USA & Christian West/Jews Israel/Hindus India. Also the Evangelical church, with its ulterior motive of conversions, by its unscrupulous missionaries spread everywhere to brainwash and annihilate the native Religion/Culture/Traditions.

Hindus have never been obsessed with their religion. In fact, they've been the most peaceful, and welcoming all faiths with its principle being, 'All Paths lead to God' [ Vasudev Kutumbkam ], which has been taken advantage of and Invaded/Attacked/Crushed/Killed/Converted/Looted/Exploited over and over again, by the Imperialistic Abrahamic faiths/Invaders, that hindus now have no choice but to become aggressive in order to save its culture. Babri was such an example of hindu aggression, also burning of Missionary/Church. These incidents are highly condemnable, but who made hindus this way? Who is responsible for the new intolerance that we are seeing in more and more hindus?
In past, hindus had to deal with outsiders, but now they have to deal with locals whose ancestors were forcibly converted; who are more loyal to their Ummah/Saudi/Muslim Brotherhood or the Vatican and Evangelical Church outside, than their hindu neighbours.

Alas, hindus are not united. Pseudo-seculars hindus would rather bash hindus/hinduism/hindutva rather than point out the fanatic acts of muslims or the cunning missionaries, and not to mention caste/regional issues. Hence, abrahamic faiths are still successful in creating terror or conversions inside India with help of ignorant hindus themselves.

We need a Shivaji, Sikh Gurus or a Lachit Borphukan once again to save our culture which is in bigger threat now, than in the past !!

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