I remember when I was a child and later a teenager; I'd sulk for days on end. The things I wanted demanded from my parents, would take months if not years to reach me. Would you believe the first doll that I wanted so much, as a kid, but got ultimately was - when I reached almost 16 yrs of age. How embarrasing, huh! Well, those days there was no internet or smartphone; e-commerce was unheard of. Even Malls were scarce. What existed were market-places, where one shop would be at a far-off distance from the other, and all scattered and mixed. My parents would have to hunt stores on end, without any luck, of finding the exact product I wanted, mostly seen from television ads or what my other friends had. Even for regular puja or any festival shopping for the entire family, we'd have to dedicate an entire day, out in the heat and crowds, going from shop to shop, tired and exhausted trying to find the exact garment or other item we needed. A single store would not stock everything we needed, so we'd have to go to the next and the next...asking, if they had the particular item we wanted. Imagine the chaos, with a huge family in tow, hunting their own specific products ~ all trying to go in different directions :| Shopping was definitely not fun those days. It was tedious, tiring, frustrating and very expensive as there’d be added travel and carriage expenses; not to mention everyone would end up being hungry, so more money spent on food while shopping.

When I saw Flipkart’s recent video, I instantly wished I was Yashi ( the little girl in the video ), and I had a wish-master when I was young. Oh..How much fun life would’ve been then! Well, no complaints, as I do make full use of Flipkart’s wish-master now and there’s absolutely no regrets. Since the last 2-3 years, I’ve become a crazy online-shopaholic and Flipkart has been my favourite shopping destination, spoiling me every day with such temptation and indulgence. For, I don’t think there’s any item left that I’ve not shopped yet from flipkart. From garden and utility tools, kitchen & home appliances, gadgets, travel gear, luggage, beauty products, clothes and accessories, footwear, stationery etc, I’m simply hooked onto the site and always found buying something or the other every few days. My home is increasing looking like a godown with all the flipkart cartons that arrive with my purchases. Well, so, I’m indeed taking full advantage now for having childhood shopping miseries in the past. Flipkart has been fulfilling my wishes and how!

  • With Flipkart - The products are plenty with a wide range of categories ( and special stores ); all available with just a click of a mouse, from the comfort of our homes. No more traveling from shop to shop for me! I just get everything I need on my smartphone!

  • With Flipkart - So many sizes and colour options are available too, of what I need. And all 100% authentic products! You dream it they’ve got it! I can spend hours window shopping on their site and love every moment of it!

  • With Flipkart – There’s no dearth of discounts, deals and ongoing exciting offers. Hey, we all love to shop but we love a great offer even more! On Flipkart, I feel like I am saving while I am shopping…so I can shop more, of course!

  • With Flipkart - Payment options are a plenty, with COD and EMI included. No credit card? No problem! There have been times when my bank account was dangerously low but I wanted, needed that new awesome phone, Flipkart made that wish come true with easy EMIs! And with the Flipkart Mobile App it only gets better ( more discounts ;-).

  • With Flipkart - Returns and cancellation is effortless; delivery is prompt and of highest quality. They offer next-day delivery too; can it get any better than this? There have been many times, I’ve been out waiting for my friends to show up and found an awesome book on Flipkart, one click and it’s at my house the next day!

  • With Flipkart - Not just one can buy for oneself, one can gift others too – that too gift-wrapped. And not just that, with gift-voucher options, one can leave the choice of gift to others as well. I have send 100s of presents to loved ones across India and surprised them on their birthdays, anniversaries and for some…even their weddings!

  • With Flipkart – There is trust! I know as soon as I wish it, my wish will come true so here’s one last wish…Flipkart, do add a gourmet section too :-)


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