Flimsy excuse it was, that they gave their mother, while eloping from their village home.

Frustrated with bare minimum farm-produce that did nothing to quell their hunger; they looked towards the city with hopes for a better prospect; climbing on the very first train they could manage, hiding between the coaches lil' tense, for the fear of getting caught.

They heaved a sigh of relief, on approaching the city; good times ahead, they thought.

But was the city as easy to live as they envisaged?

With cut-throat competition in the concrete-jungle, their hunt for means to survive had only begun.

This 5 sentence 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – © Jennifer Pendergast ) & lilliemcferrin
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  1. The world is certainly a jungle no matter the location

  2. yes it often is hopefully their hard work and love will see them through

  3. Ah, sounds like impetuous youth. Well done this your interpretation of this prompt!

  4. Good interpretation, loved how much you encompassed in this with two photo prompts and the word.

  5. Will they make it or go back the way they came? This reads like the start of an adventure.

  6. Anonymous20:17

    Feels like the start of a story - I wonder what they will find in the concrete jungle.

  7. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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