She felt almost giddy, looking at the mess in her backyard; fence broken, crops destroyed that she had worked so hard to protect from unscrupulous and lewd trespassers.

In a state of shock, she sat, trying to calculate the damage done; Needless to say, she was left overwhelmed at the loss.

She searched frantically for the culprit responsible for all this mess; the culprit she had kept to watch guard around her precious property.

Ah…she knew where to find him; she had only herself to blame.

If only she hadn’t spoiled and pampered him so much, her crops would’ve been saved.

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  1. Spoiled indeed. Time to put him out and make him do his job. No more biscuits.

  2. Aww but you still have to love him...how cute..and indeed spoiled!

  3. aw that was so funny. Love your story.

  4. Great ending! Sorry about your crops. :D:D

  5. Stop blaming the dog, he thought he was helping you dig the plot up.

  6. well, you hit three birds with one post, but well written, great

  7. nicely written combining two prompts

    Lost In Her Eyes

  8. thanks a lot everyone :-)

  9. thanks a lot everyone :-)


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