As I mop the floor,
he cleans the car window,
As I do house-hold chores,
he too is washing garage doors,
As I put the kettle on the stove,
he is nearly done watering the plants,
As I get the breakfast ready,
he is by the door already.

Man-friday he and a maid-servant me,
in order, we put the house together,
Our daily routine it is, we love to do,
before our master wakes, for a day another.

Through the window, as the sun filters in
there's a hectic day, that ahead awaits,
There is still a little time though,
for our own secret love waltz!

This post is for Magpie Tales 254
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Copyright 2015 © Nandini Deka

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  1. Love the secrecy of this.....of what they manage to fit in before the master wakes ;-)

  2. I love the morphing of the couple into servants. Hurrying through yet mindfully squeezing a dance into the routine. Your words took us there... lovely and unexpectedly.

  3. Nice unexpected twist on the prompt!

  4. must always be time for love

  5. The stolen moment that we all love is beautifully captured right here.

  6. Ah. Beautifully vivid.

  7. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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