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The horrible news broke out a couple of days ago, and the whole world has been outraged. Everyone is condemning the attack and showing solidarity with Pakistan. Twitter trended with hashtag #IStandWithPakistan, with maximum Indians taking part. I've not been following news in details that much, and came to know when IB observed a black out. There's been a debate too, with everyone having their say. Some pseudos as usual playing the apologist game of 'tit for tat'. If someone scorns Taliban/Al Qaeda, bring in the VHP/BD etc too and point fingers at each other, thus, diverting the main issue.

In all these, why am I not surprised? I said my comment twice - for Pakis these same terrorists become strategic assets if they attack USA/India/Israel, but terrorists only if they themselves are attacked. They've been playing this doubled-faced game since the time they were created. Some people try to say terrorists don't belong to any country/religion. But when I think of paki terrorists - I know very well - it is damn connected to religion. Pakistan's very existence is based on religion and every action of theirs revolves around it. So, its funny ( sad rather ) to see someone turning blind to that fact.

Some of comments I supported in the forum ( though proper citation needed ) :
( by hunky ) For years, decades Pakistan planned, funded and trained men. Men who they then gave name of Jihad.
Idea which they stole from US / Saudi backed program against Russia in Afghanistan.
Pakistan got funds, plans, equipments, knowledge for the same for US / Nato for countering Russia in Afghan war.
Pakistan used a lot of resources against India since 1980 to use the same tactic, named it Jihad.
Sadly inside their country, they even modified text books to frame the Jihad as conflict between Islam and India ( partly Israel also ), which they claimed Hindu state, hates existence of Pakistan.
Generations are taught lies and urged to support Jihad.
Pak is a one state which rarely does self assessment or rather never does so.

How true! Till all these points are addressed, I see no respite. But the thing to worry here is - what is Jihad! And why a particular religion endorses it. It is the term most exploited by terrorists, why? Why does it exist at all! Many say jihad is simply a 'struggle', but they intentionally skip out the fact that jihad can also be military ( ordered by their God himself ). Maybe, when the world truly explores certain verses like 8.39 etc and many more, without trying to be politically correct - we'll get the final solution. But I'm fearful, that day might not come anyday soon..... Sigh, may those poor souls rest in peace!

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  1. This is a test comment. Ignore it :P

  2. very well written...it is the time to forget about all the past and start with a new fresh thinking...if we starts blaming each other then the main cause will remain unsolved....


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